7 Tips for Thoughtful and Creative Eid Gifts

Does shopping for Eid gifts stress you out? With the enormous amount of choices out there, it can be challenging to pick out gifts. These tips will help set you in the right direction so that you are actually excited to buy Eid gifts instead of dreading the task.

Eid Gift Guide

1. Be informed. Do you really know the child you’re buying the gift for? Likes and dislikes? Favorite hobbies and recent interests? Taking a couple of minutes to “interview” your recipient will shed a lot of light on the direction to take when purchasing the gift. If you generally have a difficult time picking something out, the child’s answers will narrow down your search considerably.

2. Be prepared. Gift items can be bought year round. No need to wait until a week or so before Eid to begin your gift shopping. Whenever you see an item on sale earlier in the year, scoop it up and save it for Eid. This will help save money and avoid last minute shopping trips. I tend to find a lot of great items on sale or clearance when I’m not particularly looking for them.

3. Shop around. Do not limit your self to one store, aisle, or shelf. Wander into other parts of the store to find unexpected items that would enhance or complete your gift. Try the kids bedroom section for fun accessories and small paintings. Check the craft section for fun stickers to personalize a frame. Try a store that you wouldn’t normally consider. Last Eid my sister found really great decorative storage boxes at a discount store that were perfect for tween girls to put away their special belongings while adding some style to their rooms.

4. Pick a theme. Instead of a set of random items, consider a specific theme. This will make more of an impact, be more unique, and feel custom-tailored for the recipient. Plus it’s much easier to shop when you have a specific theme in mind. Some themed sets can include:

  • Baking or Cooking: A kid’s cookbook, an apron, interesting or fun ingredients, mini utensils.
  • Reading: A gift card to a local book store or an application for a library card in their name, a book light, fun bookmarks, a cute tote to carry around their books on the go.
  • Art (e.g. painting): Blank canvases, set of paints, brushes, a mini easel, sketch pad for ideas.
  • Animal lover: Book on animals, an animal plush doll, gift certificate to the local zoo.
  • Room Decor: Wall decals, decorative pillow, wall art specific to the room’s theme.

5. Think outside the box. Make your gift box or gift bag work for you and the gift. I am horrible at wrapping gifts. It’s just not a skill I can master. I feel like gift bags are wasteful. Instead I like to find decorative storage boxes that will work with the theme I’m going for. They are available in so many shapes, sizes, and price points. It’s possible to find one that works for you that will enhance your gift and contain it all at the same time. Another great option are the reusable totes that can be found everywhere now. They work the same as gift bags but can be reused over and over!

6. Make your own. Even with all of the choices available in stores, sometimes homemade gifts are the perfect way to go. It ensures a gift that is 100% unique and completely customizable. Stick with a project that you can skillfully complete with confidence. With the internet at our fingertips, there are thousands of free tutorials for great projects for any child you have in mind. Your entire gift doesn’t need to be handmade. A small handmade item can add a special touch to complete a store bought item.

7. Include a gift receipt. Whenever possible, always include a gift receipt. Even our best efforts and most creative attempts can yield a gift that possibly may not interest the recipient. Don’t take it personally! We can’t always expect others to like what we do. Each person has their own personal tastes. A gift receipt will allow the recipient to exchange their items that better suits them without having your money go to waste.


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Amani So big

Recenly on Disney Baby – September

Another full month worth of posts over at DisneyBaby. Check them out below. When Baby is Bigger Than You Realize   Amani’s Favorite Time: Tummy Time!  (lol, she looks so goofy in this pic.) The 5 Words I Love to Hear as a Busy Mom The Secret Reason Why My Babies Love Books Making it Work as an Active Mom to a Homebody Baby A Miracle While Grocery Shopping The Undeniable Love of a Big Sister Why Every Mom Needs Girl’s Night Out Why Fitting Room Nursing Sessions Are My Perfect Time-Out The Quirky Trick That Got Us Through Potty Training When Baby Shows Signs It’s Time to Transition to the Crib Head over and read more on each post.

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home school

Back to School 2014

This year, we’re not home schooling. It has been bittersweet, this past year and my decision. There are so many factors that have gone into this choice that I couldn’t possibly give you the full explanation. In the end, at this stage of my life, it was not something I could continue with. I definitely endorse home school with all the potential it offers. I hope one day to revisit the opportunity. I initially wrote out a detailed blog post going into my reasons, but ultimately decided that it was my personal choice that did not need explaining. “You can do anything, but not everything.” With that being said, we’ve been pretty excited about starting at a new school much … Continue reading

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amani rolls over

Recently On Disney Baby – July

Here’s a round-up of my posts over at Disney Baby for July. Finally got around to announcing her arrival. My month-by-month pregnancy pictures. Musing on the magic of newborns. Reflecting on how Baby Z is no longer my baby. A fun summer themed toddler gift. The significance and meaning behind the name “Amani“. Another take on Ramadan with a newborn. Sharing this special milestone, rolling over!    

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Baby Boy Mr Macho Carters Fall Style

Trendy and Ready For Fall with #CartersFallStyle + Giveaway!

Fall is my absolute favorite season! I love everything about it from the crisp weather to the bright colored foliage. I was thrilled to review Carter’s new fall line, available now in stores! Everything in the store is 40% off too! They have the best sales! Hurry, sale ends August 5. It was easy to scoop up an armful of great pieces including the cutest pajamas ever. We can all agree that Carter’s has the cutest pajamas, right? Right! This fall, Carter’s is all about mixing patterns. Camo, vintage florals, tomboy chic, and plaids are all hot right now. During my trip to my local Carter’s, I picked up a little of each! My oldest is crazy about camo ever … Continue reading

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why I write

Why I Write

I don’t consider myself a writer. At first, I couldn’t understand why Saira of Confessions of a Muslim Mommaholic even asked me to take part of a “writers chain letter”.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I’ve always loved writing. Recently while browsing through the things I’ve saved since I was a young girl, I’ve found that most of the items I’ve held onto are things I’ve written; Essays, letters to cousins, stories written as a child. In school, I never viewed writing as something to do for the sake of completing an assignment. It was a chance for me to express myself and release some creativity. Over time on this blog, I’ve come … Continue reading

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Ramadan with a newborn

Ramadan and a Newborn

I’ve been waiting eagerly all year for two very exciting events to take place: Ramadan and the birth of Amani. Little did I know that when both coincided, they would compete for my attention and energy in ways I never imagined. Majority of the Ramadans during my married life, I’ve been either pregnant or nursing. I can count on a single hand the number of times I fasted along with everyone else during the past nine and a half years. Jenin was only a few months, perhaps 2 or 3, when I missed my first ever Eid prayer. I was weary from the uncelebrated effects of new motherhood, sleepless nights and postpartum hormone induced mood swings. I was in no … Continue reading

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birth announcement pillow

Uncommon Good Gifts You’ll Love to Give

I like to consider myself a great gift-giver.  Do people even say that about themselves? I just did, but give me a chance to explain.  I think I give great gifts because, when I have the time, I put a lot of thought and care into selecting and crafting a gift for the recipient.  It doesn’t require fancy or expensive items.  A great gift should simply be unique and truly speak to the recipient. I was all in when Uncommon Goods asked me check out their awesome personalized selection, gifts for women, and personalized jewelery. Uncommon Goods is one of those great companies that you can feel good about purchasing from and supporting.  They feature handcrafted and unique designs that … Continue reading

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Amani Birth Announcement

Our Newest Blessing

Announcing our newest blessing: Amani. On May 7, 2014, our family welcomed our fourth daughter. Born 7:51 pm weighing in at 7 pounds, measuring 19 inches. 10 fingers, 10 toes, and a good strong cry.  Born at home into a family eagerly awaiting her arrival, she has captured our hearts from her first breath.

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Freezer Cooking Intro

Jumping On The Freezer Meal Bandwagon

If you’ve been on Pinterest, you’ve heard about freezer cooking. It’s all the rage amongst busy mamas across the country. The pins make it look ridiculously easy and you can’t help but be captivated by the idea of only cooking one day but eating for two weeks! Now this certainly isn’t a new concept and people have been doing this for years. But all the pins and posts about it make it seem like the latest sanity saving phenomenon. Considering I’ve been nesting like a madwoman, expecting my 4th any day now, and can’t possibly see myself cooking every single day postpartum, I decided to dive into the freezer cooking world. Don’t get me wrong, I could totally go for … Continue reading

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