I’ve been blogging off and on (that’s for you Affnan) since March 2007. I am just now reaching my 100th post. Kinda sad. So I want to do something special since that seems like the thing to do in the blogging world once you reach a blogging milestone. Can I say “blogging” one more time? Iman suggested a giveaway. I told her I’m not giving her anything since she’s probably the only one that reads my blog.

Instead I decided I’d make a list of 100 things I hope to blog about or achieve over the next year. This way when ever I’m sitting in front of the computer at a loss of what to write about, I’ll refer to my list and keep the blog updated.
(Try to ignore the weird spacing. Blogger is acting funny.)
1. Before and after pictures of my flea market lamps.
2. Have a project of mine posted on another blog I frequent.
3. Photo comparisons of Jenin and Maysoon.
4. Hijab fashion finds.
5. Interesting Internet finds.
6. Projects I have bookmarked. Show the process, before/afters, and/or where I used the item.
7. About the journey to save for our first house.
8. About trying to be more green.
9. More photography related posts.
10. My attempt to plant a garden and keep it alive.
11. About the basics of my religion:
12. Testifying to the oneness of God
13. Prayer
14. Charity
15. Fasting
16. Hajj, or Pilgrimage
17. Health tips and how I’m trying to be proactive about my health.
18. Mama. I’ve never blogged about my mom.
19. A glossary of Arabic words that I’ll probably use and have used on my blog.
20. My experiences with Palestine.
21. Reasons I love my hometown.
22. Random childhood memories.
23. Kitchen appliance love. I have so many small kitchen appliances that I can do so much with.
24. Food Fridays. I found this book at TJMaxx for 70 cents about a guy that took a picture of everything he ate for a year. It’s really interesting. I think it would be fun to do. One day a week.
25. Get followers!
26. Win a blogging award.
27. Interior design pictures of my house. (It’s a rental. I’m trying to make the most of it.)
28. Family room
29. Kitchen
30. Master bedroom
31. Girls’ room
32. Living room
33. Backyard
34. Garage
35. About my Palestinian culture and traditions.
36. Have people comment on a regular basis.
37. Have someone whose blog I love comment on one of my posts.
38. Rami and his career.
39. Sewing projects that I’ve wanted to try.
40. Recipes I’ve tried from the many cookbooks I have:
41. Cooking Light 2000, 2001, 2004, 2007
42. Sahtein
43. Barefoot Contessa at Home
44. The Food and Cooking of Turkey . A gift from Iman when she went to Turkey.
45. Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook
46. Arabesque
47. And foodgawker favorites:
48. Fruit tart
49. Chicken gyro
50. S’more brownies
51. Salmon cakes
52. Strawberry Lemonade
53. Pita bread
54. Do a giveaway!

I’m running out of ideas…