Housewarming Gift in a Jar

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Moving sucks.  Don’t get me wrong, a new place and a fresh start are great.  But it’s the packing and unpacking, transporting, furniture getting damaged, fragile items breaking, and things getting lost that are annoying.  Am I right?

A dear friend of mine recently moved a couple of weeks ago.  But wait, she just moved into this new place a few months ago.  There’s more, she’s moving again after four months.  Why all the moves?  Their current apartment needed to be renovated so management had to ask them to leave temporarily.   I hope the postal service doesn’t think all their mail forwarding requests are pranks.

In an attempt to make her current temporary place feel a little like home, I pulled together a small housewarming gift for her.  Inspired via here.  I included yummy and useful goodies that can easily be put to use.

The key to a successful jar, besides including items that are actually useful, is color coordination.  It makes the entire gift look more cohesive and ups the cute factor.  The quote and “painting” (I’m not an artist) were inspired via here.

Edited to add the contents list:

  • Strawberry jam
  • Cupcake liners
  • Dish towels
  • Striped paper straws
  • Scented candle
  • Mrs. Meyers dish soap
  • Bag clips
  • Glass jar (of course)

Add this to my list of “you’d never know I couldn’t wrap a gift” tricks.

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38 Responses to Housewarming Gift in a Jar

  1. Mona says:

    That is so adorable! I would love to receive that! Who wouldn’t?

  2. Thanks for linking to my housewarming gift! I love that you included cupcake liners!

  3. laila says:

    #1- wish I had you as a neighbor/ local :0)
    #2- AWESOME and very cute gift. Love the idea -

  4. Alejandra says:

    Very cute idea! I would have never thought to put it in a jar.

  5. Mrs Gaeul says:

    Awesome! I think anyone would be happy to receive this gift. The colors do make it look so put together.

    Also, I love the Meyers brand!

  6. Sally says:

    What a wonderful idea! You’re right, the color coordination DOES “up the cute factor!” — and that JAR can serve a wonderful purpose down the road, too! Love it! Found you via Pinterest & the “sprinkled” number on the cake. Another great idea! ~Sally

  7. Deb W says:

    What are the straws for? What’s in the tin? Wonderful idea, and you are SO right about the color coordination. I would have never thought of that!

    • Amnah says:

      The straws are just a fun addition to add color and whimsy. The tin is a scented candle. The great thing about the color coordination is that you can use the recipient’s favorite colors or colors to match the theme of a party. Thank you for your comment.

  8. jen says:

    Where do you find the large glass jars?

    • Amnah says:

      You can find large glass jars at Target (where I purchased this one), Walmart, TjMaxx and Marshalls style stores, and IKEA. They come in a variety of sizes. Good luck with your search!

  9. This is so cute!! I love the painting and the quote!

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  11. Briana says:

    Totally love this idea- I repinned it on Pinterest! I love how you got your items all in the same color scheme so it looks so clean and professional.

    • Amnah says:

      Thank you for the repin!! Totally appreciated. I was originally inspired via Pinterest to create this. Glad to keep the inspiration going.
      Thank you for your sweet comments about the gift itself. A specific color scheme really ties everything together nicely.

  12. Allison says:

    Where did you get the wire clothespins? I remember using them way back in the day!

    • Amnah says:

      Hello Allison, I picked them up from the kitchen products section at Target. It’s a tiny little bag so it’s a bit hard to miss, but it’s there! Good luck with your search.

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  14. Brandi says:

    Where do yo buy the Bonne Maman? I used to get their products in Europe and love them?

    • Amnah says:

      I purchased the jam from Target in the jam aisle. It had the most pleasing packaging and no added sugar. It was a win-win. Hope you’re able to find some.

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  16. Ashley G says:

    I love your gift idea!!! Excellent use of blending colors!!
    So creative and thoughtful!!!

  17. Wati Rahman says:

    Assalammuaalaikum.. Chanced upon your blog via pinterest. I love your gift ideas! I’m gonna repin this! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Bonnie says:

    I really like this idea. I found it on pintrest. I especially like the quote. Thanks for sharing.

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  21. erica says:

    This is very cute! I’ll have to switch some stuff out for my brother but it’s a smart idea.

  22. Jamy says:

    Assalaamu alaikum! HEY!!! Is that the Target window panel you used as a table cloth?!?!?! I have the blue one that I love so much but have nowhere to put it. Thanks for the wonderful idea!!!!!! :)

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  24. Elise says:

    How cute! I love the color scheme you used! I did this for a friend’s birthday, using green items…Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap, a cilantro lime candle, pretty green dishtowel, and a glass owl jar with green wrapped Hershey’s Kisses-it was spring! It was one of the funnest gifts!
    Happy Sunday!

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  27. Lacy says:

    I love this idea! I know you got it from another blog, but I think it turned out so adorable! I am featuring this post tomorrow in my series of Holiday Gift Guides. I am so excited! Thank you for sharing!

    Love and Blessings,

  28. Kim Hall says:

    Such a cute idea!!

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  31. Sheila B. says:

    I love your idea of giving gift jars for different occasions. Great idea!

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  37. Lesley says:

    Thank you so much Amnah!

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