Masjid Wilayah

Prior to visiting Malaysia, I made my sister a list of things I wanted to see and do.  Yes, I made her an official list.  We’re cool like that.  Included in the “must dos” were eating, hanging out, eating, and anything and everything that featured Islamic architecture.  I could stare at the gorgeous carvings, patterns, and colors all day long.  And sometimes I did.  And sometimes we were late picking up her kids.  Oops!

The first of our Kuala Lumpur mosque tour was Masjid Wilayah.  It’s actually quite new, less than 15 years old.  It was quite stunning.  So many awe inspiring details.  It was love at first sight when I saw the cobalt, emerald, and mustard zellij wall.

It’s a beautiful place to visit and offer prayers.  We weren’t around during a prayer time, so it was basically empty.

Enough talk, here’s the pictures:

 baby zellij Jenin etched glass door

Masijd Wilayah Dome

Masjid Wilayah filter

Masjid Wilayah Qur'an detail

masjid wilayah silhouette

Masjid Wilayah Stained Glass Window

masjid wilayah

vintage wilayah

{The images are loading rather small.  Select an image to enlarge for detail.}


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7 Responses to Masjid Wilayah

  1. Javeria says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! love it!

    will you be selling prints or allow to share/print pics?

  2. Norizzah says:

    Most couples would love to say their nikah here. The setting is just perfect…

  3. Gihad says:

    Beautiful Amnah, looks like you had a lot of fun.I’m glad you got to enjoy this experience.I really want to go now.I love the beautiful pictures that you posted.

  4. hijabimommy says:

    Beautiful pictures Amnah! I am so happy you are posting again!

  5. Wonderful pictures! Really great!

    I understand, that you love Islamic architecture – it’s really gorgeous.

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  6. Mona says:

    I too am happy you’re posting again. MashaAllah beautiful Masjid. I have to say, if I were to see that first wall, I’d think of you.

  7. Asma says:


    i will visit malaysia soon isA.
    would u mind send me this mustsee/mustdo list? :)



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