First Day of Ramadan Gift Basket

Ramadan traditions are starting to become a big deal around here.  Growing up we didn’t really do anything for Ramadan besides, well, fast.  I want to be able to start traditions with my girls that they’ll grow up to possibly continue with their children and also to look back on these cherished memories. The great thing about Ramadan is that we’re all inspired to make more of an effort for the sake of our families. Regular day to day duties and stress can bring us – or at least me – down.  There’s nothing like the month of mercy and compassion to bring out the best in this tired-but-still-trying-to-make-it mom.

Last year the idea of Ramadan Morning Gift Sets came to me while I was wandering the aisles of the craft store the day prior to Ramadan starting.  I scooped up some items without the girls noticing and assembled the gifts as they slept.  The purpose of the gift sets was to give them something to excite them for the beginning of Ramadan.  The items were also meant to give them something to do during the month, essentially to entertain them while I did what I needed to do around the house.

The items last year were mostly just fluff and didn’t hold any real significance.  This year I wanted the contents to be more meaningful and related to Ramadan. While neither girl is required to fast, I wanted to encourage Jenin specifically to practice and attempt half days. I wanted Maysoon to use her chart as a way to track completing a good deed that day.  I made sure to include items that are featured on our Ramadan bucket list such as crafts and bake cookies.

The contents included:

  • A new book about Ramadan
  • {Fabric for} New prayer clothes
  • Fasting chart with stickers
  • Beads and string to create prayer beads
  • A Ramadan craft kit:  mosaic star – created by Ramadan Joy (previously known as Barakah Life)
  • Unlined art journal
  • Color pencils (for J), Watercolor paint (for M)
  • Handcraft
  • Ramadan/Eid cookie cutters by Salaam Designs
  • Lined journal to record memories

Ramadan Morning Gift Basket

Ramadan Morning Gift Baskets

Ramadan Morning Gift Set

Ramadan Gift Basket Contents 2 Ramadan Gift Basket Contents

The girls were over the {Ramadan} moon for these! They’ve been busy with them all day. In fact that’s the reason I’m sitting here blogging now! I skipped making one for Baby Z because I figured she was too young.  Was I wrong! She kept trying to get her hands on her sisters’ items.  Maybe I’ll pull together something for her.

This is definitely a tradition I wish to continue with the girls. It’ll be nice to see how the set evolves as they get older.

What Ramadan tradition have you begun with your children?

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24 Responses to First Day of Ramadan Gift Basket

  1. Tina Saib says:

    What a great idea! I love the idea of a gift set for the beginning of Ramadan.

  2. Laura Najma says:

    Lovely idea!!!
    Ramadan Mubarak!

  3. HijabiMommy says:

    Amnah, you are an amazing mom, Masha’allah. Thanks for always inspiring me to be a better and more fun mother. I always look forward to your posts.

    Keep on inspiring! And Ramadan Mubarak to you and yours.

  4. Sophie says:

    Very nice baskets! Happy girls!
    Our family traditions for Ramadan are decorating the house with paper lanterns, stars & garlands, little presents at the beginning of the month and for Eid, wearing traditional costumes… We make special decorations for Laylat al Qadr. Last year ones are here: (blog in french)

  5. Sana says:

    What a cute idea! I’ve been making Ramadan baskets for family these past 3 years with my baby girls, but how awesome would it be to do something like this for them! thanks for the wonderful idea!

  6. Saima Nasim says:

    Excellent idea! Great way to keep the kids busy. Looks great!

  7. Asima Rashid says:

    Great ideas!!
    Can you please tell me from where you got the books ie: night of the moon, Ramadan moon

  8. hana says:

    Love the idea Amnah!!! Now what can we do for our boys..

  9. Neelu says:

    What a wonderful idea! I will definitely do something similar for Ramadan/Eid. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Mehria says:

    Excellent idea! My daughter is six years old She Would love it! What’s the web sit Books and decoration .

  11. jamilah dimaporo says:

    ,that’s a great idea but i cant apply it,my daughter is only 3 years of age,last ramadan i bought her a new prayer clothes and hijabs for her to use everyday,and thanks to allah she dont want to go out without her cute hijab,and now,im plannin to make some twist and ill buy arabic songs for kids for her to enjoy ramadan,now her favorite song is hasbi rabbi and la ilaha ilallah,happy ramadhan eid mubarak!

  12. Sarah says:

    Hi! I love this idea Masha’Allah you have a talent for this type of thing. I was wondering if you could write up a post with further detail about each time you chose to include in the basket. Thank you so much for the fantastic idea!

  13. Musiliat Haroon Afunku says:

    Its an awesome idea. Thanks

  14. Masha Allah, sister, this is a wonderful idea, one I am definitely going to try this year, insha Allah. And was super pleased to see *my* book in your girls’ Ramadhan baskets :)

  15. Ayesha Latif says:

    Assalaamu alaikum all. Superb idea mashaallah.
    Incidently i hv come up with a similar idea.
    Whereas i suggest we get clothes with islamic or ramadaan captions to add to the fun and spirit.
    This link here has all the required stuff.
    One thing else, instead of gifting money the day of eid to our lil ones a gift voucher from the same place wud be a gud idea too.

  16. sameena says:

    Ma sha Allah awsome stuff great ideas

  17. Sadaf says:

    So cute! Any suggestions about how to adapt this for a 3.5 year old?

  18. Stephanie says:

    What a creative and fun idea! I am always on the lookout for new ideas that will make Ramadan memorable for my kids, especially when there are so many competing holidays like Halloween, Valentines, etc that are ao ever present at school and get my kids all excited. So baskets it is this year for my girls!

  19. Tiffany says:

    Where did you get the Days of Joy fasting chart? I love these baskets and I can’t wait to put one together for my kids! Thanks for the awesome idea!!

  20. Farzana says:

    ASA!!! Sister please do let me know where you bought the fasting chart and days of joy calendar.
    Thsnk you for this awesome idea and a great blog.

  21. Tajwar says:

    Ramadhan mabrook to all my sisters and brothers. MashaAllah a brilliant idea of ramafhan baskets. Most humbly i would like to add, we live in a consumers world that teaches the uoung minds to receive I feel Ramadhan us a month to train us to give and share with needy and build our connection with Allah swt. We can engage children with gifts for a day or two. If we teach them to reach others, the lesson will remain with them for life inshaAllah. In our family we make food baskets for needy. We take kids to supermarket and hand them money and let them buy dry food items for homeless and food Banks. Also raise funds and send back home to family to buy the same baskets and distribute before Ramadhan. Children do recive gifts on eid day and also an extra gift to share with a needy child.
    May Allah reward you for sharing your ideas, ameen

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