Review and Giveaway: Miraj Audio

My daughters love stories.  I can’t imagine a child out there that doesn’t.  Library day is their favorite day of the month. A chance to load up on a stack of books as tall as themselves.  And of course they have their favorites from their personal library, the ones with bent and torn heavily loved covers and pages, but still they crave more and more stories.

During long car rides to visit my parents, the girls like to play a story game.  One of us begins a story and then stops to let someone else pick up where we left off.  Sometimes we create really great stories with nice morals. Other times it’s complete gibberish.  Either way, the girls get the stories they love.

They’re incredibly unforgiving if I want to skip bedtime stories one night. Jenin even finds it practically impossible to sleep. Maysoon will stay up, way past her bedtime, to “read” books under the hallway light.  Needless to say, my girls love a good story.

I’m not a particularly good story teller.  I desperately wish I was, but don’t do very well with original oral stories.  You know, the exciting ones with an interesting story line, fun sound effects, and great voices for different characters.

I happened to hear about Miraj Audio through Facebook and was thrilled to come across such an awesome company! Miraj Audio offers top quality Islamic audiobooks for children.  I loved knowing that I could provide my girls with wonderful, Islamic stories in a way that they enjoyed them best, being read aloud.

miraj audio

Miraj Audio generously provided us with a free audiobook to listen to.  The girls choose “Leyla the Sparrow” which is based on the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in which he finds his sahaba have captured chicks, distressing the mother bird, and orders them to release the chicks.

Miraj Audio Leyla and the sparrow

The sound quality was amazing, the voice of the narrator was pleasant and clear, and the sound effects delighted the girls.  Baby Z particularly liked the musical transitions between the story plot. Music-free audiobooks are also available.

I loved that I could put on a meaningful story for the girls to listen to.  While preparing dinner, typically a time that I would have been unable to sit and read to them, we were all able to enjoy a nice story.  I really appreciated the story expanding on the Hadith.  The fictional parts of the story, add a background story to the bird’s life and allowed the girls to relate to Leyla.  Each audiobook sites it’s source from either the Hadith or Qur’an.

Once the story was finished, they wanted to hear it again! Typical reaction to all the stories they love. During these long days of a Ramadan summer, I was grateful for something to entertain them in an educational way. I’m not big on letting them watch TV.  But I understand the desire and need to want to “hang out and chill” as a child. As they listened to the audiobook, they lay on the sofa, casually played with their toys, and even sat close to the computer just to really take in the story.  All the while, I had a good 15 minutes of uninterrupted {much appreciated} “mom time”.

Miraj Audio Yunus and the Giant Fish

The girls asked to hear the story again the next day during breakfast.  I decided to purchase a new title,  Yunus and the Giant Fish.  I especially loved the 35 minute run time! This story was a little over their heads compared to the last one, but they still listened all the way through.  We then found a free audiobook, The Sad Camel. I found myself drawn to this story and interested in finding out what happened to poor Ibil!

the sad camel

You must read the story of how Miraj Audio began. An absolute heartwarming article about how parents created a beautiful legacy for their child (and all of our children) to treasure for years to come.

These audiobooks are perfect for rides in the car, a stand in at bedtime when Mama can’t read a story that night, or just a nice way to relax and listen to a story at home.  I think these would make wonderful gifts. Eid is almost here! Perhaps a gift of an mp3 player already loaded with all the amazing Miraj Audio audiobook titles?

Miraj Audio Salah ad-Din

Using the Rafflecopter form below, enter to win one free Miraj Audio audiobook: Dawood and the Giant Yunus and the Giant Fish. Salah ad-Din and the Frankish Boy, Part 1. Leyla the Sparrow.  This giveaway is open to readers worldwide.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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50 Responses to Review and Giveaway: Miraj Audio

  1. Javeria says:

    I was listening to their free story the otehr day and thought it will be perfect for our road trips.

    I would love to win :)

    • Ammara says:

      would listen to all of them but really interested in leyla the sparrow as well assalah hu deen. :) perfect way to occupy the kids and enjoy it as well while driving .

  2. Amali Elabed says:

    Im always on the hunt for awesome Islamic based books!! Thanks for the info!!!

  3. HijabiMommy says:

    Oh I absolutely love the idea of listening to these in the car during road trips. We have one CD about Prophet Ibrahim and the kids have listened to it over and over again until they have it practically memorized.

    Would love to win this!

  4. Bahija says:

    We travel to see family in both NJ (2hr ride) and Montreal (6hr ride) – esp. for holidays, so it would be great to be able to listen to these stories as we go.

  5. Sumaiya Noori says:

    I would love to listen to Leyla and the sparrow. It sounds like a story that would touch my daughters heart and would further reinforce the gentleness of the Prophet (SWT).

  6. Rachel B says:

    This is great I love listening to audio books and would love to share them with my daughter. I would love to win all of them but, I will list Yunus and the Giant Fish.

  7. Abeer Iftikhar says:

    Assalam o Alaikum,
    I would love to listen to ‘Yunus and the Giant Fish’ Insha’Allah :)

  8. Fadwa says:

    I will definitely be looking into these books. I have been looking for good audiobooks for the kids. Don’t have a fav since I just found out about it!

  9. khadijah says:

    I would love to win Layla the Sparrow!

  10. Rowaydah says:

    I’d love to start my daughter early on listening to these stories! Is it ever too early to start reading to your child?

  11. Mimi says:

    Yunus and the Giant Fish!

  12. Maryam Sami says:

    Asa, would love to listen to ” Yunus and the giant fish” hope to win inshA

  13. Mona says:

    This is such a wonderful idea for kids (and adults!). I would love to hear the Salah ad-Din and the Frankish Boy, Part 1 story.

  14. Hira says:

    my son would love this! leyla and the sparrow would best fit his age!

  15. Saba says:

    Leyla and the Sparrow!

  16. Sakina says:

    dawood the giant sounds like fun! my boys would love these!

  17. Sakina Towery says:

    I would want to listen to The Sad Camel. I saw the title and was like “Why is he sad?” Sometimes I love that I have the inquisitive heart of a child.

  18. Saadia says:

    I remember growing up I used to have stories on ‘cassettes’ and my sister and I used to sit next to the tape-recorder and listen to them over and over …it was a lovely thing.I would love my daughter to enjoy these audio stories too….:)

  19. Nora says:

    This would be perfect for my boys! ! Not sure if they come on cd as well but I really hope they do, it’s the perfect gift for ALL the youngsters in your life!

  20. Eman says:

    My girls love audio books. Would love to hear Yunus and the Giant Fish

  21. Madiha says:

    I want to listen to Yunus alayhis salam’s story about the whale. My kid loves animals so he would be in awe of this!

  22. subanaali says:

    i really want to try Miraj Audio books!!!

  23. Sumiya says:

    Layla and the Sparrow!

  24. Yusra says:

    Can’t wait to try these. And really does sound like a great idea for a eid gift.

  25. I have both a boy and 2 girls so I really dont mind wich one…Im interested in all of them.

  26. Keisha Francis says:

    Love this my children and I listened to “Leyla the Sparrow” and they were totally engaged.

  27. Amina says:

    This is such a great way for kids to learn Islamic stories! Would love to share “Yunus and the Giant Fish” with the boys.

  28. Nura says:

    I know my kids would love these! This is such a creative way to engage them and have them learn Islamic stories as well. Any one of these books would be great, but if I had to choose one it would be Yunus and the Giant Fish.

  29. fatema khan says:

    Yunus and the Giant Fish

  30. Ebby's Mama says:

    I would love to have story about Layla & the Sparrow. I love stories!

  31. Aamna says:

    We would love to listen to Yunus and the Giant Fish!

  32. Eva says:

    Yunus and the Giant Fish looks like fun!

  33. Coniqua says:

    My son loves Ibil and Jamal and Jameelah from the Ant story. We’d love to listen to Yunus and the Whale next. in sha Allah.

  34. Shannon says:

    Salah ad-din and the Frankish Boy. We’ve listened to the samples and love it!

  35. Halima says:

    ALL of them!!! These are too cool!

  36. Farhana says:

    Like them ALL! Thank you.

  37. UmmuKarim78 says:


    My kids love stories about prophets! I heard a free story about sad camel, but the picture didn`t change. Is it always like that that there is only one picture for the whole story or is it like that only in that free one? Or can`t I use it ;) ?

  38. Asfiya says:

    What a great way to entertain the kids while in the car. Would love to listen to Dawood and the Giant.

  39. Sarah says:

    Salah ad-din and the Frankish boy!

  40. shazia Saleem says:

    Leyla the Sparrow and all of them :) )

  41. va says:

    leyla the sparrow

  42. rema shuman says:

    leyla and the sparrow.

  43. Saidat says:

    I Listened to the Sad Camel with my boys and they totally loved it. I just can’t wait to listen to the others. hope I win!

  44. Hina says:

    Yunus and the Giant Fish!

  45. Gihad says:

    I would love to listen to all of them, and incorporate this in Islamic studies, this is a great way to get kids excited about it Islamic stories in a unique way. Thank you for the resource.

  46. Ghazala says:

    My children love listening to stories. I am their storyteller and would love to win these so we can all enjoy listening to someone else telling the stories.

  47. Laila says:

    I would love to listen to Leyla the Sparrow inshaAllah :)

  48. Nashiah says:

    Yunus and the Giant Fish :)

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