Review and Giveaway: Silver Envelope

I remember a few years ago, Ramadan and Eid decorations and paper goods were pretty much impossible to find.  These days there are numerous choices that suit everyone’s styles and needs.  And we all get to reap the benefits of beautifully decorated homes, adorable adorned baked goods, and festive Eid party decorations.

Silver Envelope is one of those awesome companies doing us all a favor. Their products cover just about every aspect of celebrating Ramadan and Eid you would need. Cards, check. Cupcake wrappers, check. Buntings, balloons, party favors, gift wrap…check, check, check, check! And then some!

I recently received pretty much the most amazing set of Ramadan decorations ever! Silver Envelope sent me their Zellij Ramadan-in-a-box set and I pretty much squealed when I opened the box. If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I’ve never met a zellij anything I didn’t love.  The zellij Ramadan line is pretty much perfect in my opinion.  The design is near and dear to me, while the colors are perfect for setting a festive mood for my girls.

zellij ramadan in a box

I loved that we could play off any of the colors we wanted to make them stand out for a customized feel in our home.  We’re able to combine what we already have with the decorations provided to create a unique space.

Everything is included in the party-in-a-box set. Everything. From a pack of toothpicks to create cupcake toppers to super adorable bakers twine in a few colors for the bunting, mini lanterns, and mini cake bunting. Everything is there and ready for you.  No quick runs to the craft store, it’s all there.  It’s absolutely genius for any parent that wants the most bang for their buck and can’t afford the time of scrounging around to get supplies.

The bunting will definitely be reused every year. I plan on lining it with card stock just to make it more sturdy. It’s made of a good quality glossy paper similar to a good quality magazine cover.  One can even laminate it to truly make it durable and reusable. I personally don’t like the look of laminating.

Every Eid I create Eid treat bags to pass out to the kids.  Included in the party decoration set are treat bags and beautiful sticker seals. I loved the velum bags and the sneak peak they provide the kids of the goodies inside.

Silver Envelope zellij bunting

Zellij Cookie bag

Zellij eid treat bags

I’ve used Silver Envelope products before to create the cute Eid wrapped chocolate bars.

eid chocolate bars

Using the Rafflecopter form below, enter to win: 1 Big Top Circus Bunting Flag Kit, 1 pack of Big Top Circus Eid Balloons, 1 Big Top Circus Treat bag Kit, and 1 Big Top Circus Cupcake Kit.  Open to US residents only.

Silver Envelope Big Top Circus Eid
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This Little Life of Mine received complimentary Zellij Ramadan decorations and a Sweet Dawah Kit.  The opinions reflected here are entirely of my own.

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31 Responses to Review and Giveaway: Silver Envelope

  1. Maryam Iqbal says:

    Wonderful ideas, love the ramadan kareen banner and the money chocolate bar.

  2. Hina khan says:

    Would Love to win this! Thankyou :)

  3. Farida says:

    Love the colors! The bunting flag kit is my favorite – perfect touch for any Ramadan Iftar or Eid party!!

  4. Rashida James says:

    The party in a box is awesome. The colors and vibrant options really conjure a feeling of celebration

  5. Mona says:

    I really like the bunting flag kit. The colors would go great with what I have in mind ;) .

  6. sumaiya arif says:

    My 3 year all would live all this

  7. Fakhera says:

    Love the lanterns and party packs!

  8. Nora says:

    Great blog post!! I think these decorations are perfect to get me and the kids feeling ready for Eid!!

  9. Iman says:

    I love these ideas.

  10. Meriem says:

    I love their moon sighting party kit!

  11. sarah says:

    I love the Big Top Circus line because my children love animals & would get a kick out ta seeing the decorations for Eid.

  12. Faria S says:

    Great giveaway! What a festive mood it would add to anybody’s home!

  13. sakina says:

    I would love to win this kit!

  14. Sumiya says:

    I love the zellig Ramadan box set!

  15. Nashiah says:

    I love how festive this looks. Of all their products, I like the Marrakech line best.

  16. Saira Siddiqui says:

    Love the Marrakech products.. Would love more decorations in that line!

  17. Love all the hard to find Eid products. Must check them out!

  18. NK says:

    They were my first Islamic company that I fell in love with…..I hope they continue to make more products we can feel proud of!

  19. Amina says:

    Love the Ramadan set!

  20. Eva says:

    I love the Ramadan Kareem banner!

  21. Hira says:

    i love the eid banner!

  22. Farah says:

    What fun products! My daughter would love these!

  23. Saadia says:

    Wonderful ideas and such festive colorful stuff…!

  24. I really love the colors of the Zellij Ramadan-in-a-box set – so festive!

  25. Naz says:

    JazakAllah for coming up with such great ideas for halal celebrations :)

  26. Madiha says:

    I am loving the “save the date” line of products. It’s so cute and classy, love the design of it!

  27. Sama says:

    Great box/set!

  28. Farhana says:

    I love the Eid banner! Overal all the products are great:)

  29. fatema khan says:

    love the ramadan set

  30. manda says:

    Love the banner

  31. javeria says:

    LOVE it.. will love to win for our eid party :)

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