25 bits of random goodness

I originally posted this on Facebook. Thought I’d share it over here too.

1. I was anti-FOB my entire life. Now I wouldn’t trade my boater for anything in the world.

2. I have no shame to admit that all the giraffe paraphernalia in my daughter’s room is really for me.

3. I can’t sleep unless I’m on my stomach with my arm under my pillow.

4. If trapped on a desert island, my food of choice would be breakfast cereals and pizza.

5. A large part of my life I had an unhealthy obsession with collecting all things M&Ms related. (I still have a large box of stuff hidden somewhere.)

6. I failed my first drivers test because I made a right turn on a red light without stopping.

7. Everyday of senior year I would eat s’mores pop-tarts and drink a peach Snapple while reading the comics during English. (I got an A in that class.)

8. I’m still the same size I was in high school :o) Alhamdulillah {Thank God}. (Don’t hate me.)

9. Every single day I wish I was back in school. College, not high school.

10. I would have considered marrying an Afghan so that I could eat Afghan food at my mother-in-law’s house everyday.

11. I think my favorite color is blue, but find myself reaching for all things green.

12. During the birth of my first daughter, I started laughing instead of pushing. Once she was out, all I could say over and over again was, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.”

13. I had a Skip-it when I was a kid and “skip-itted” all day until the counter reached 999.

14. I would still have my New Kids on the Block trading cards if my brother-in-law didn’t rip them up in my face while sitting at the kitchen table. Jerk!!!!

15. I SUCK at math. Hate it. Maybe that’s why I’m good at spelling??

16. In 6th grade my teacher said I always turned in the most creative monthly reports. I still have all of them.

17. I’m not afraid of public speaking. But my heart pounds when I do. It’s exhilarating!

18. I love cooking, but don’t think I’m good at it.

19. I learned to speak Arabic from my daughter.

20. I tried making my husband knaffe {Arabic dessert} and was so traumatized by how horrible it came out, that I turned to baking American desserts only. And so the “cookie lady” was born.

21. I remember the most random things from my childhood: Eating sherbet push-pops while swinging with Jill Hogan in her backyard in Ohio; Sitting in a cafeteria in Kindergarten watching the clock waiting for it to hit 1:15 because that’s what time my mom told me I was born; Skimming through the Scholastic book order forms every single month and circling what I wanted. Then sending an envelope full of change with my order so that I could get the new Little Sisters Baby Sitter’s Club book; Physically fighting with Iman and thinking it was all over as soon as she would get me pinned in the corner of the sofa and jump on me, knees first; When I turned in my spelling homework for the first time in 2nd grade my teacher was so excited she straight up kissed me in front of everyone and left a red lipstick mark on my face; putting glue on my hands with Iman and waiting for it to dry so that we can peel it off.

22. Would spend $200+ every single day in Target if given the chance.

23. I’ve never watched the Godfather.

24. I was once told that I have “buffalo lips.” I love them :o)

25. I was so addicted to playing Ms. Pac-Man that I once used my dad’s rare quarters that were in a case so that I could keep playing. Shhhhhhh… don’t tell him.

25. a. I consider my sisters my best friends. I would give them my kidneys.

25. b. I want to be Jessica Claire when I grow up.

25. c. I feel that I’m entitled to more than just 25 points.

25. d.I cry during every episode of the Biggest Loser.

25. e. My dream home is located at 3339 Tree Swallow Place.


  • cairo, lusaka, amsterdam says:

    I love reading things like these, and yours was really interesting 🙂 I love how you stretched out number 25 😛

  • oyhabibti says:

    OMG Amnah, I loved this list…and we have A LOT in common! Loving Afghan food, working a "skipit" to death, eating sherbert push pops, etc, etc,


    ESPECIALLY #25d.! What IS IT about that show?!

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