Baby monster

Finally got around to having Maysoon’s monster party this past weekend.  We were waiting on good weather. More pictures and details coming soon.

Baby Monster

This is our resident baby monster.

She climbed up onto this chair on her own.  She was (“was”, stay tuned) afraid to walk but wasn’t afraid to climb things.

Don’t be fooled. She only looks like an angel while she’s sleeping.
But once she’s awake…
…she does mean and horrible things to her crib.
(This can’t be safe.)
So in a little over a month, our baby monster shall turn one.  It only seems fitting for her first birthday party  theme to be… MONSTERS! 
Here is the dress I found for Jenin to wear. It’s going to be the color scheme for the party.  (Sorry the white balance is off.)
Bold colors and monsters. Not your typical girl’s first birthday party. Check back at the end of March to see what becomes of it all.


  • Hum says:

    Gosh she's growing fast Mashallah! And she has teeth!

  • PaintLover says:

    LOOOL Look at her cot!! That is hilarious!

    Our baby's cot has a length of plastic over the top railing of one side of it. You can't see it (its a white cot) and it stops from our little monster munching it!

    ANd I can't believe Jenin is climbing already! Seriouly, that is EARLY! You poor thing! You won't be able to leave her alone for a second!

  • Kate says:

    Our son Xander's crib has those same marks. I'm always asking him doesn't it hurt his teeth? It can't taste good. Your daughters are so cute.

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