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The Story of Jenin


Today, my oldest daughter turns 6. Where – someone please tell me where – does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was that overwhelmed and confused new mom. Wait.. Ummm… Let’s move on, shall we? The following was my parent letter that I submitted while she was star student for the week. There once was a girl named Jenin, Who had the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen. Nicknames like J, Juju, and Lily, This special girl can be quite silly. Favorite foods of pizza, spaghetti, and maftool, She thinks science experiments are super duper cool! There once was a girl named Jenin, With a cute little room she rarely keeps clean. Jumping rope, painting pictures, and nature … Continue reading

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Today, my sweet precious monster of a daughter, you turn two.     You love to “read”.  (You’re currently sitting in my lap singing as you flip through a board book about monsters, of course.) We love that you babble on in the very distinctive Despicable Me minion gibberish.  You adore your big sister but sometimes you annoy her to no end. (It’s not easy being a little sister.) We are absolutely enamoured by you and love all the added energy (as if we needed more) that you’ve brought to the house.  You love strawberries and saying the word “ugly”.  (Your father taught you that one.) You love skirts and swinging at the park.  You love “Kowco” (popcorn) and your grandfather’s hat.  Maysoon, are such a … Continue reading

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Because it’s my birthday. Because I’ve realized that 28 isn’t as bad as I thought it would be at 18. Because sometimes I wish I was still 18. Because I feel like doing something nice for myself. And you since you have to look at it. Because I’m actually posting regularly and think I have finally gotten into the groove of this blogging business. Because I really don’t need an excuse. A pretty new blog, just for me.  And you.   See above. Happy birthday to me.  Last year’s birthday. My birthday wish is that my eyebrows look like that year-round.  Thank you Lindsey from  Sweet Simplicity Desigins.

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My ever so dearest Jenin, Today you turn four. Four years of motherhood, laughter, frustration, amazement, and love.  You’ve showed me the wonders of a child’s imagination and the limitlessness of a mother’s love. I adore you and admire the vibrancy you bring to this home.  You keep us on our toes with your quick wit, incredible memory, and unharnessed energy.  I love you more than you will ever know.  Ikteer, ikteer, ikteer,IKTEER, iKtEeR, ikteer! (We usually compete over who can say ikteer, “a lot” in Arabic, the most and in the most ways.) I pray that your spunk and personality never fades.  That little temper of yours is more than welcome to take a leave of vacation though.  May God keep you … Continue reading

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Happy birthday my sweet Ray of sunshine. I am so honored to have witnessed your entrance into this world.  I love you my dear niece with all of my heart you lovely little girl.

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Happy birthday, my love. You’re an excellent father and a wonderful husband. I love you more than you have black Ts.  Enjoy your last year in your twenties!

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4:30 am and I’m starting to regret whatever it is that I ate.  I rush to the bathroom with an icky feeling in my stomach and a cold sweat starting to break out.  I hate throwing. Absolutely hate it.  I prepare my self for it though because it seems imminent.  I wait and wait. Nothing.  I’m not reassured as I head back to bed in the dark.  It’s only a matter of time before it kicks in.  I lay my head down for some rest.  I ease bank into sleep, the calm before the storm. 5:15 am.  I’m roused once again feeling worse.  Here it comes.  You’re a big girl Amnah, you’ve been through this before.  Headed to the bathroom … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to me. {Okay so I cheated. I’m behind in my blogging because I’m on vacation visiting Iman. Today is actually the 14th but my birthday was the 9th.  At least I’m being honest.} 3 cakes + a box of king crab legs + good health = a great birthday Two surprise cakes and a batch of red velvet cupcakes I made for myself.

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Jenin’s birthday – whatever style

Ever since I saw this photo shoot last year I have been wanting to do it for Jenin.  I’m so glad that I got to do it this year.  I think I just might do it for my birthday too.  Hey, Jessica Claire did it so why can’t I? While it was fun, it wasn’t without a meltdown. That day I had intended to make rainbow cupcakes but when I got to the store I saw that they had neon gel colors that included purple, orange, and pink.  I thought it would be fun to match the cupcakes to her tights from the photo shoot.  The cupcakes are made from boxed white cake mix which makes it easy enough for anyone to do.  … Continue reading

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