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7 Tips for Thoughtful and Creative Eid Gifts

Eid Gift Guide

Does shopping for Eid gifts stress you out? With the enormous amount of choices out there, it can be challenging to pick out gifts. These tips will help set you in the right direction so that you are actually excited to buy Eid gifts instead of dreading the task. 1. Be informed. Do you really know the child you’re buying the gift for? Likes and dislikes? Favorite hobbies and recent interests? Taking a couple of minutes to “interview” your recipient will shed a lot of light on the direction to take when purchasing the gift. If you generally have a difficult time picking something out, the child’s answers will narrow down your search considerably. 2. Be prepared. Gift items can … Continue reading

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Uncommon Good Gifts You’ll Love to Give

birth announcement pillow

I like to consider myself a great gift-giver.  Do people even say that about themselves? I just did, but give me a chance to explain.  I think I give great gifts because, when I have the time, I put a lot of thought and care into selecting and crafting a gift for the recipient.  It doesn’t require fancy or expensive items.  A great gift should simply be unique and truly speak to the recipient. I was all in when Uncommon Goods asked me check out their awesome personalized selection, gifts for women, and personalized jewelery. Uncommon Goods is one of those great companies that you can feel good about purchasing from and supporting.  They feature handcrafted and unique designs that … Continue reading

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Review and Giveaway: Silver Envelope

Silver Envelope Big Top Circus Eid

I remember a few years ago, Ramadan and Eid decorations and paper goods were pretty much impossible to find.  These days there are numerous choices that suit everyone’s styles and needs.  And we all get to reap the benefits of beautifully decorated homes, adorable adorned baked goods, and festive Eid party decorations. Silver Envelope is one of those awesome companies doing us all a favor. Their products cover just about every aspect of celebrating Ramadan and Eid you would need. Cards, check. Cupcake wrappers, check. Buntings, balloons, party favors, gift wrap…check, check, check, check! And then some! I recently received pretty much the most amazing set of Ramadan decorations ever! Silver Envelope sent me their Zellij Ramadan-in-a-box set and I … Continue reading

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Ramadan and Eid Decoration Company Round-Up

eid creations

Recently I’ve had quite a few people ask me about where I’ve gotten my Ramadan and/or Eid decorations.  I decided to make it easy for everyone and share them all in one place. You’re welcome Just a few years ago Ramadan or Eid decorations and party supplies were nearly impossible to find. Many of us resorted to using Christmas decorations or creating our own (which I still enjoy to do). All of these wonderful companies offer such a great service to us all.  One of the things I stressed in my Ramadan webinar was the importance of making Ramadan and Eid festive and exciting for our children and families.  Thanks to the following companies, we can all make our houses … Continue reading

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Eid Treat Bags: Sweet and Simple

custom wrapped eid chocolate bars

This Eid my husband was out of town, 3 weeks total, and I was to fend for myself with three young children alone on the Eid.  I survived.  Someone give me a t-shirt. Every Eid brings about a new style of Eid treat bag. Given the circumstances, I kept the bags just as I said, sweet and simple.  A couple of chocolate coins (which I’ve always wanted to include), a punching balloon which was the highlight of the last Eid treat bags, a bouncy ball, and some alphabet stickers.  That’s it.  All packaged up in mini black bags with gold ribbon.  A little nod towards the Kaa’ba. The older kids got their chocolate wrapped million dollar bars. The tiniest ones … Continue reading

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Eid Treat Bags: Classroom Edition

classroom eid treat bags

Every year during Hajj, the Holy Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca,  the students at my daughter’s school reenact the rites of Hajj. The whole school participates and the days are filled with light and blessings (noor and barakah). The end of the week is celebrated with a Eid party.  Last year the students in class had a gift exchange.  This time around the teacher decided on a goody bag that each child contributed to. Each child was allowed to bring in a small item to give to their fellow classmates.  The kids went home with a bag filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies.  Handmade cards, stickers, pencils, an acrostic poem bookmark from the teacher, super fun little toys, … Continue reading

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Review: Up A Notch

up a notch custom candy wrappers

With Jenin in school, me involved with PTO and Girl Scouts, and general happenings in life, there always seems to be an occasion to celebrate. From Eid, the first day of school, and birthdays to baby showers, teacher appreciation brunches, Girl Scout cookie sale rewards and everything in between. There is really no limit to life’s daily moments that can be commemorated with something special. Now, you can always just give out little treats and call it a day. But why not customize them and take it Up A Notch? (See what I did there?) Seriously though, customized items make all the difference. It becomes a sweet gesture that’s thought out, cute, and memorable all at the same time. Hands … Continue reading

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Artsy Eid Gift Set

art eid gift set

I love giving gifts. To me, it’s the thrill of the hunt for the perfect gift and the reaction to said perfect gift that makes it so much fun for me.  However, when you take that experience and multiply it by 10+, it becomes stressful and overwhelming instead. I mentioned that we had an abundance of kids from our family in town for Eid il Fitr.  In the past, we would purchase a gift for each kid.  This year, that idea wasn’t going to fly.  Instead, we all drew names and only had to purchase a Eid gift for as many names as we put in.  The point was for us to put more thought into the gift and to … Continue reading

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Eid Wrapped Chocolate Bars

eid chocolate bars

We were super blessed during Eid il Fitr.  We had a lot of family in town. It was possibly one of the best Eids I’ve had here in a long time.  Family from overseas, family from out of state, and family from out of town.  We were all together and it rocked. Kids galore.  They were everywhere.  So much so that you had to watch where you step.  The number of teens went up too.  With so many kids and teens, it essentially threw off our Eid gift/money gift routine.  There were far too many kids to do one gift each. Instead we pulled names from a hat for a gift exchange.  It worked out nicely, I think. As for … Continue reading

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Sugar-Free Eid Treat Bags

eid treat bags

On the Eid, my kids eat a lot of sugar.  A lot.  It’s sort of ridiculous.  But it’s Eid and I allow it.  At least until someone starts complaining their belly hurts.  Then they gladly forfeit their pinata loot and I get the chance to say “I told you so”. Mom – 1, Candy – 0. This past Eid I went in a new direction; Sugar free.  It worked.  No one complained. There’s no worries about cavities or allergies. It works.  Gold star for me. A punching balloon, a top, glow sticks, a whistle, sparkly notebook, stickers and a custom “Eid Mubarak” pencil.  That’s it. The whistles? Seriously?  That’s the last time I let Jenin help me shop. Here are … Continue reading

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