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Umrah Party

umrah party decor

For the past month my husband has been in Palestine and Jordan.  His mother was ill and received a diagnosis that required major surgery.  When my husband arrived in Palestine, he took her to a couple of doctors, then ultimately went to Jordan to see a specialist.  Thank God, it turned out to be much less serious than originally diagnosed.  Once they realized that she was in good health, they decided to go for Umrah, or the minor pilgrimage to Mecca.  Unfortunately, my mother-in-law went back and forth in her decision and in the end, they were unable to secure her a ticket to go.  Next time! I went to Hajj in 2004.  It is a huge deal.  It’s one of … Continue reading

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Many Blessings First Birthday Party

Many blessings first birthday party 2

My sweet, stoic Baby Z turned one! I can’t help but celebrate each girl’s first birthday because it’s such a special milestone.  The girls have no idea what was going on, but years later, they’ve looked back on those parties and enjoyed seeing the festivities.  For Jenin’s first, we had just moved into our old house, not even fully unpacked and barely furnished.  It was my first venture into baking, making 9 different kinds of cookies.  All the day before. I still have the burns on my arms to prove it.  I very quickly learned the dos and (many) don’t of a successful party.  Maysoon’s monster bash was a major momzilla moment.  I went all out with homemade games, decor, … Continue reading

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Giveaway: modernEID

modern eid decorations

Do you know what I absolutely love? Parties.  Even more so, Ramadan and Eid parties. The food, the company, the festive halal-ness of it all. One of my favorite companies has extended their already awesome line to include even more contemporary gift and party ware.  {Squeal} Oh yeah, I’m talking about modernEID. You know I love me some modernEid. This year they’re at it again and they’ve grown! They now feature eight (8!!) chic and distinct designs that will cater to any contemporary hostess with the mostess.  Not only have the number of designs increased, so have the super fun products.  All my favorites are there, along with some cute new friends.  Hello, striped straws! I had a fun time … Continue reading

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Eid Creations Party Supplies

eid creations party supplies

Ramadan and Eid are among us! Iftaar dinners, after taraweeh desserts, and Eid feasts are all close by. Many families use Ramadan as a chance to come together to break fast. ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Amro ibn Al ‘Aas, narrated that a man once asked Allah’s Messenger (pbuh), ‘Which is the best [of actions] in Islam?’ He replied, “Feeding others and extending the Salaam to those who you know and those you do not.” (At-Targeeb – Saheeh) source Eid Creations offers pretty and fun table ware and party supplies specifically for Ramadan and Eid. They offer paper plates in two sizes, napkins, and balloons in a few styles that will suit many tastes. Styles vary from playful sheep or typography to classic … Continue reading

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Celebrate in Style With Modern Eid Decorations

Fill this cutie with a cupcake, treats, little gifts...

Eid decorations have come a long way, baby.  We are no longer limited to childish or tacky decor to celebrate our holidays.  It’s also time to break away from re-purposed Christmas clearance.  I don’t even have to make my own Eid decorations anymore because there is finally something available that suits my taste and style. Hello modernEID, where have you been all of my life?  Stylish, chic, modern and exclusively made for Eid.  I was so excited when I received my Eid Party Pack:  A decorative bunting, “Happy Eid” print, gift box, cupcake liners and edible toppers, candy bags, gift tags, and stickers.  Wooo! Party in a box! The products were much better quality than I had originally thought.  I suspected the … Continue reading

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Jenin’s Favorite Things Birthday Party

Ready for a long post? I feel you deserve one for me being absent so long. Enjoy. Ever since Maysoon’s first birthday party back in April, Jenin has been asking me nearly everyday if it’s her birthday.  Trying to explain seven months to a child that thinks everything happened “yesterday” was kind of difficult.  I had originally planned on having a party for her when she turned 5, but there was no way of convincing her to wait another year.  I don’t plan on having another party for her next year so I wanted this one to be special for her so that she would remember it as if it had happened “yesterday”. She had picked out her dress herself … Continue reading

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20th Birthday Party

She likes to party all the time, party all the time,  party all the tiiiiime!  I love entertaining.  It’s something that I was never really able to do the first few years of my marriage while living in our tiny cozy third story apartment.  We had room for only one sofa and even that was at an angle.  We’ve been renting this home for 3 years now and I think I’ve had a good amount of “events”.  My little sister recently turned the big 2-0.  That’s really hard for me to come to terms with because sometimes I still feel like I’m 20.  Where do the years go?  This was the little girl that killed my pet bird (yes Affnan, … Continue reading

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Surprise Party

With my sister Iman living so far away, we’re never together for our children’s birthdays.  So when I found out her and her family were going to be coming out for a few days after the Eid and during her oldest daughter’s birthday, me and my younger sister jumped at the chance to throw her a surprise party. The birthday girl on the morning of her birthday. Well, we soon found out that my niece does not like surprise parties.  Oops. She eventually overcame the shock and enjoyed the rest of her party. Only of course after getting a manicure. Her favorite color is purple so I went from there for the color scheme.  I was incredibly relieved when she … Continue reading

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Dessert Table – Monster Party Part 3

Lunch, games, goody bags aside, there’s really only one reason people look forward to a birthday party.  Dessert.  Butter rich, sugary-sweet, tasty dessert. For Jenin’s first birthday I made nine different kinds of cookies. This time I wanted to include more of a variety to make things interesting and to provide something for every one’s tastes. To start: To ensure that everything would be ready for the party, I made a dessert plan to keep me on track. Wednesday: make cookie dough. Thursday: bake, bake, bake. Friday, chocolate dipping, make cupcakes and frosting.  This helped me out tremendously.  A far cry from the night before Jenin’s party when I was up until 2 am making batch after batch of cookies.  You live … Continue reading

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Monster Party – Part 2

Ready for more? Don’t forget to check out part one if you missed it. With so much felt leftover I decided to make a “Pin the Hat on the Monster” felt board.  I made little party hats also out of felt and attached a small piece of velcro to the back for extra grip.  Pin the Eye would have been fun but being a monster, the eyes could have gone anywhere.  For the blindfold, I made three felt eyes attached together then sewn onto a strip of elastic. After Easter I found a croquet set on clearance for $1.50.  I easily customized it with punched out images of our monsters glued over the existing numbers.  There were coloring pages as … Continue reading

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