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Dress to Skirt Re-fashion


If there is anything that my kids are reliable for, besides bringing so much joy to my life, it’s staining their clothes.  If there’s anything that I’m incapable of, it’s removing said stains.  Pretreaters, soaking, bleach, nothing seems to work with me.  I’ve considered freezer paper stenciling or patches, but the stain would be in such an awkward location that any design would just look silly.  When I picked up one of J’s dresses and noticed that yet another stained piece of clothing was destined for the trash, I thought twice.   If the stain was up top, why sacrafice a perfectly good bottom?  I had J try on her dress again to decide a good length and marked it off.  … Continue reading

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Crafty Mama

Have you seen the embroidered alphabet piece that my sister Iman recently shared on her blog? My mom made it while she was pregnant with my sis.  It’s beautiful and I’ve always admired it.  If it didn’t have Iman’s name and birth year embroidered on it, I would have jacked it from her by now.  I love it’s new modern frame and the added marbles are just so fun.  Hello ohdeedoh? Did you see that? Well, I was quite jealous of the piece before and have become even more so with it’s little makeover.  So it was with great delight that I rediscovered something that I had been saving for a while.  (This will be a reoccurring theme until I’ve completely … Continue reading

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Plate Art

As I’ve been digging gently sorting through my closets the past few weeks, I’ve been uncovering things that I have completely temporarily forgot about.  For example, this plate: Very cute, right?  I picked it up on clearance at Target for 88 cents. I know, I don’t know why they ever sell anything full price either.  I figured I’d hang it up in the girls’ room.  Well when it came under my hands again, I had a new idea for it.  I still intended to use it in their room, but I felt it need a little something extra. Enter also forgotten scrapbooking stickers. I wanted it to say “you are special”, but I didn’t have enough Es in this font.  The best … Continue reading

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I Got It Covered

I truly believed covering my kitchen chairs in outdoor fabric was a great idea.  It seemed completely foolproof. Cute fabric that was stain resistant.  No more crying over spilt milk.  Unfortunately, the fabric faded miserably due to scrubbing off messy spills all the time. Good idea: FAIL. Plus, my chairs turned out to be crappy quality so everything was a total waste. Double fail. It finally dawned on me (with a little help from Dana) that oilcloth would be the way to go.  I searched online but wasn’t crazy about the prices.  I searched in the stores but didn’t find anything to my liking.  As I knew my trip to Washington was approaching, I knew I would check out Pacific Fabric & Crafts.  … Continue reading

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Kitchen Decor

I finally got around to doing a few projects for the kitchen that I’ve had in the back of my mind or have been meaning to post for a while.  Our rental kitchen is old, outdated and just about as ugly as I can physically stomach.  So anything that temporarily takes my mind off of that is worth doing. I purchased some vintage highway letters from Etsy seller SalvageNation last year in March.  (I really need to work on my turn around time of completing my projects.)  I simply used some craft paint on them to add some color to my windowsill. The little owl was an ornament that I picked up on clearance from Target.  Just yanked the hook out. I found a … Continue reading

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One Man’s Trash…

Back in October (of 2009), I picked up this table from a curb. It wasn’t something I have ever done before, but I felt like it would be an easy project. I scrubbed, sanded, and primed it. I wasn’t about to take any chances, this thing was nasty. My cousin had actually lugged it into my trunk at night. Had I seen it, I wouldn’t have touched it.  Chubb Scholl? I spray painted it a lovely shade of yellow.  I’ve had it in the corner of my living room since October 2009.  Not sure what took me so long to finally post it.  Oh, right, it’s because every plant I had gotten would die before I could take pictures of the … Continue reading

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Less bling

If my best friend heard me say that, she’d disown me.  Me and her are such opposites. She’s the Yin to my Yang. I think it’s what makes our friendship so strong. We each see the other’s life/projects/recipes with a different perspective and can be honest with each other.  Love you Nada!! Summer 2008 we had gone to Disneyland when my oldest sister was in town visiting.  It was Jenin’s first time but she was pretty young so I knew she wouldn’t remember the trip.  However, I would, but the “my first visit” T-shirt wasn’t going to cut it for me as a souvenir.  Luckily I spotted a little tiny shop that was doing silhouettes.  I had originally contacted Stephanie to … Continue reading

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