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Apple Stamp Bookmarks

apple stamps

I’ve lived in this rental home for over 5 years.  We have an apple tree and a lemon tree.  The lemon tree isn’t worth a single overpriced lemon from the grocery store.  All the lemons grow at the very top of the large tree.  Even with a ladder, long metal pole, and a prayer, it’s almost impossible to reach them. The apple tree blossoms and bears a billion a million a thousand hundreds of apples each year.  They fall to the ground every time.  The squirrels love it.  Me, not so much.  It’s only this past fall that I’ve tapped into this treasure of a resource that I’ve had sitting in my backyard.  Not sure what suddenly clicked inside, but … Continue reading

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Artsy Eid Gift Set

art eid gift set

I love giving gifts. To me, it’s the thrill of the hunt for the perfect gift and the reaction to said perfect gift that makes it so much fun for me.  However, when you take that experience and multiply it by 10+, it becomes stressful and overwhelming instead. I mentioned that we had an abundance of kids from our family in town for Eid il Fitr.  In the past, we would purchase a gift for each kid.  This year, that idea wasn’t going to fly.  Instead, we all drew names and only had to purchase a Eid gift for as many names as we put in.  The point was for us to put more thought into the gift and to … Continue reading

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End of the Year Student Gifts

End of the year student gift

Waaaay back in December, my daughter’s school was holding a read-a-thon. Hours and hours of reading were logged by the students throughout the school.  I wanted to create a little gift for the kindergartners to celebrate the end of the month.  My idea was to make tote bags to be used for trips to the library.  Nine months pregnant, this project fulfilled my desire to help pass the time.  I got right to work. I plopped myself down on the couch next to my husband who was zoned out watching storage auction shows. Using fabric that I already had, I began cutting out the main body and strap pieces. Fourteen bags total.  All the fabric was ready to go.  So was … Continue reading

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Arabic Alphabet Scalloped Garland

handcut arabic alphabet stencil

One of the ideas I had for Arabic Day at the school was to incorporate more of the Arabic language into the day.  At first I thought of a simple paper pennant.  I’d draw out the letters on to card stock, then attach to twine and hang through the hall at school.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized all the effort wouldn’t be worth it since it would end up in the trash at the end of the day.  I thought about many different options but finally decided on a stenciled fabric garland.  I wanted it to be something that would last and be treasured by the school and students for years to come.   I’ve made scalloped … Continue reading

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Hopscotch Art

J loves hopping and jumping.  She’ll jump from area rug to area rug in the kitchen. She jumps on her bed. She bounces off the walls.  via my cell phone – September 2010  I’ve been wanting to make her a hopscotch rug out of one of the old runners I have in our hallway but haven’t found the time to get started on it.  While sorting through some old scrap booking stickers, I found some square stickers that I decided to hold on to despite not ever using them before.  I figured Jenin could always play with them when I need her to sit down for some quite art time. Well just last week, a hopscotch image popped up … Continue reading

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Crafty Mama

Have you seen the embroidered alphabet piece that my sister Iman recently shared on her blog? My mom made it while she was pregnant with my sis.  It’s beautiful and I’ve always admired it.  If it didn’t have Iman’s name and birth year embroidered on it, I would have jacked it from her by now.  I love it’s new modern frame and the added marbles are just so fun.  Hello ohdeedoh? Did you see that? Well, I was quite jealous of the piece before and have become even more so with it’s little makeover.  So it was with great delight that I rediscovered something that I had been saving for a while.  (This will be a reoccurring theme until I’ve completely … Continue reading

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You Likey?

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Handmade Eid Revolution

I love making things. I do. There’s something so gratifying about bringing different things together to make one really lovely item.  Something unique. Something creative. Something handmade. For a very, very long time the idea of an Etsy shop has danced around in my head.  In every notebook I own, you’ll find lists of things I would make to put in my cute little shop. My take on items already out there, but unique to my target customers. Drawings, store names, item descriptions.  So many ideas but no action.  I lack the confidence that my items are worthy of Etsy.  There is such amazing talent displayed there.   How could I even compare?  Then one day my cousin had called me … Continue reading

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Eid Treat Bags 2

The good thing about being a recovering shopaholic is that you’re left with a stash full of things.  That stash comes in mighty handy when you’re notified of a last minute Eid party at school the next day.  I dug into my cabinet and pulled out some goodies to put into bags for J’s Sunday school class.  Love the little tags. Jenin’s fake smile.  This girl cracks me up. The Eid bags for our close friends and family included items from “the stash” as well as some recent purchases just to spruce up the bags a bit.  I went with the same style bags as last Eid with the addition of “Eid Mubarak” written on by my ever so dearest, … Continue reading

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I could have just sent Jenin to Sunday school with a regular composition book with it’s recognizable black and white hard cover. But I didn’t. I figured if I had the stuff to make it a bit more special, why not?  Sky Grass. And look, I even planted some flowers. Sun. So that the flowers continue to grow. Mosque. At least there will be no confusion over which notebook is hers.  I could have showed up to the parents meeting this past weekend empty-handed. But I didn’t. If I’m going to have to sit through an early morning (okay, it wasn’t that early) meeting, it might as well be with something tasty to munch on. Wake-Up Muffins (via Comforts of Home … Continue reading

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