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Pine Cone Bird Feeder

pinecone bird feeder steps

One of my favorite things about our old house – I swear I’ll eventually stop bringing it up – was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying my breakfast and watching the birds outside.   I can’t help it, I’m an animal lover.  Especially when the animal is more afraid of me than I am of it.  And not having to clean up after them is another bonus. I often referred to them as “my birds”.  At one point I tried to name them (omg, I’m more like my mom than I thought).  (Love you Mama!!!) So here at our new place, I wanted to get on the good side of our new feathery neighbors.   The girls and I found some pine … Continue reading

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Apple Stamp Bookmarks

apple stamps

I’ve lived in this rental home for over 5 years.  We have an apple tree and a lemon tree.  The lemon tree isn’t worth a single overpriced lemon from the grocery store.  All the lemons grow at the very top of the large tree.  Even with a ladder, long metal pole, and a prayer, it’s almost impossible to reach them. The apple tree blossoms and bears a billion a million a thousand hundreds of apples each year.  They fall to the ground every time.  The squirrels love it.  Me, not so much.  It’s only this past fall that I’ve tapped into this treasure of a resource that I’ve had sitting in my backyard.  Not sure what suddenly clicked inside, but … Continue reading

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Mosque Portraits

mosque/masjid portraits craft

Prior to and during the course of Ramadan, I have been engaging the girls in some crafts to help them take on qualities that embody the spirit of Ramadan. This particular craft was simply to get them out of my hair for a while so that I could make dinner.  True story. Supplies: Thin cardboard, thick card stock, or another sturdy base for the project. Paints Patterned paper Stickers, markers, scissors, glue – you know, craft stuff Pictures of mosques to give a general idea of shapes and designs Directions: 1.  Tell the kids to create a mosque.  Ready, set, go.  That’s it.   I told you, I had things to do.  They’re smart kids, they could figure it out. … Continue reading

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Crafty Prayer Mats

prayer mats/rugs pin

Every Muslim knows the importance of prayer.  The reward for increased prayer during Ramadan draws in the adults without problem.  But what about the kids?  I wanted my girls to really get excited about adding prayers with me, instead of hearing “we’re going to pray again?!” Inspired by a craft a friend had created and posted last year during Ramadan,  I decided to create little decorative prayer mats with my daughters.  I didn’t intend for the girls to use them to pray on.  Rather it was just a little wall hanging to remind them that increased prayer will be a part of our daily schedule during Ramadan (and beyond?). While we were crafting away, I asked the girls what they … Continue reading

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Sandpaper and Crayon Transfer Designs

sandpaper crayon transfer supplies

I don’t let my kids use the computer.  I know, I know, I’m so mean.  I rarely let them watch TV at home too.  Poor, poor kids.  To me, there is just too much fun to be had in these fleeting years of childhood.  When they’re older they can zone out and kill brain cells, just not on my watch. My niece is here from Palestine this summer and I had a list of things I wanted to involve her in.  Not on the list was having the girls crowd around the computer at my parents house playing mind-numbing computer games.  My goal was not to be the boring aunt that doesn’t let anyone use the computer or the embarrassing … Continue reading

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Decoupage Jar

decoupage charity jar

When you’re a {young} child, Ramadan and Eid are about the lights, and gifts, and cash, and sweets, and paaaaaaaaaaaaarties!!!  Right? Only if that’s what we make it out to be. Oh no, I’m still the same Amnah that loves lights, gifts, cash, sweets, and paaaaaarties. But I’m about balance as well. Along with fun, materialistic traditions (which we will eventually ween off of), I want my daughter’s to have a desire to serve and share with their community and those who have less.  When Ramadan comes along, I hope that they will first raise their hands in prayer for the success of others before they put in their requests for new clothes and shiny gadgets.  As Eid creeps closer, … Continue reading

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Ramadan Moon Sighting Telescope

Ramadan Moon Sighting Telescope

As a little girl, I used to search the night sky trying to find the Ramadan moon.  It was such a magical concept, to view the moon that would signal the start of the holiest month for all the Muslims across the world.  Moon sighting is a tradition that I have longed to start with my children.  This year I was determined to start. To prepare the girls and to get them excited about the event, I suggested we make telescopes to help spot the moon.  Of course, the girls were all in. Supplies: Paper towel rolls, wrapping paper dowels, or toilet paper rolls Paper, stickers, markers – anything you with to decorate with Ribbon or yarn Instructions: Have your … Continue reading

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears Craft

Goldilocks and the three bears craft

The kindergartners went through quite a few fairy tales as they ended out the year. Goldilocks and the Three Bears was one of the classics that they touched on. For the first time ever, Pinterest failed me while searching for an idea for a suitable craft. I expected pin after pin of adorable ideas. Nope. But I did see this super cute party. What did come up was a project similar to what the students have done in the past, so we went with that. The inspiration didn’t include any details to create the project so I winged it. I created a basic template for all the bears. Some parts were simple shapes that had to be altered by the … Continue reading

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Paper Mache Globes

Earth Day paper mache globe

For Earth Day, the kindergarten students in my daughter’s class made globes.  This was my first time using paper mache with J.  It was messy and a whole lot of fun. All natural paper mache glue: 1 cup all purpose flour 5 cups water, divided Combine one cup of flour with one cup of water. Bring remaining four cups of water to boil on a stove.  Add the flour and water mixture and let it boil for three minutes. Remove from the heat and let it cool.  Caution: This mixture is very, very hot.  I spread the glue out on a cookie tray to cool quicker. I transported it to the school in an airtight container. Also, I made one batch the … Continue reading

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Three Little Pigs Houses

three pig houses

Jenin’s kindergarten class spent a couple of weeks working on fairy tales and nursery rhymes.  One of the ideas the teacher and I decided on was for the students to recreate the three little pig houses.  We took inspiration from this project seen online.  The students were split into three groups to complete the houses. Materials to create the houses: Three boards of foam core Exacto knife or razor blade straight edge Draw out a basic home design in the middle of the foam core board. Include a couple of windows and a door, if desired. To make the home as large as possible, I drew the roof top to reach the top of the board. Using your exacto knife, cut out the home.  Use … Continue reading

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