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DIY Crescent Moon Pinata

diy crescent moon pinata

So I guess I can check “make a pinata” off of my life’s to-do list.  The fact that it was ever on my list I can entirely attribute to my hero Jordan Ferney. Looking back I can’t remember whose idea it was to make one for our family Eid barbeque.  In the midst of assembling the pinata, I’m certain it wasn’t mine.  Once it was complete and filled, I took total credit for the idea.  Of course. It’s true, I can be obnoxious like that.  Sometimes. So, if you feel so inclined to ever make one yourself, here you go: You’ll need: Cardboard.  I found pizza boxes to be the perfect strength. Box cutter.  Scissors aren’t going to cut it. … Continue reading

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Pom Pom Fringe Topped Bags

pompom fringe goody bag

Part of the fun of preparing Eid Treat Bags, is selecting the bag and presentation. I had a pack of paper bags that I scooped up a while back on clearance from Target that I put to use. Even though they were cute, they weren’t festive enough for the Eid. Enter pom pom fringe. When I hear the word “pom pom” I either think super spunky cheerleader or the infamous Martha Stewart party decoration. And let’s be honest, either one will make you feel a little cheerful. Take a long strip of tissue paper. Cut halfway up the width at 1/2 inch – 1 inch intervals (please don’t measure, just cut!). Roll the strip up and staple to the back … Continue reading

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Ribbon Tied Holiday Lights

ribbon lights collage

We all have them.  Those loooong strings of lights that we picked up on clearance (or perhaps you paid full price, silly you).  Colored or plain white.  LED or traditional energy gulping bulbs.  We string them up for Ramadan and Eid to make our homes more festive for our kids (okay and for us).  They’re magical and twinkly and just plain fun. But once those lights are unplugged during daylight hours, they’re loooong strings of lights draped around our mantels, wrapped around our banisters, and hung across our ceilings begin looking like spiderwebs on steroids. I saw this idea months ago and knew this was the way to go to make the strings look festive all day and night.  Tying … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Gift: Thumbprint Tree

thumbprint tree supplies and outline

The end of the school year was fast approaching, quicker than I had anticipated.  While I knew exactly what I wanted to give the students as an end of the year gift, I was at a complete loss for the teacher’s gift.  Pinterest was filled with ideas, but nothing really clicked with me.  Plus with the popularity of Pinterest,  I didn’t want to show up with a repeat gift.  There are no gift receipts for handmade presents! I debated back and forth between a sentimental gift or something that could be used and enjoyed once.  Being the big softie that I am, I went with the former.  Now that I decided on that, I was still stuck.  My brain was fried … Continue reading

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S’more Fun Next Year

s'more fun next year end of the year gift

As the end of the year approached, I began to receive more and more emails from the teacher about projects and ideas to close out the year. Every email sent me reaching for a tissue to dab away my tears. The year had gone by so quickly! As the homeroom mom I grew very close to the students. I was going to miss them so much. One of the nice things about my daughter’s school is that the kindergarten teacher moves up to first grade with the students. It helps ease the transition to a higher grade and creates a strong bond between student and teacher. With that in mind, the teacher found the perfect end of the year gift … Continue reading

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How to Decorate a Cake With Cookie Cutters

decorate a cake with cookie cutters

My cake baking skills (or lack thereof) are not exactly blog worthy. Neither is my inability to decorate a cake. But what I can do is creatively find a way out of an ugly situation. I first tried this idea last year for Maysoon’s birthday. It worked so beautifully that it became my go to method of cake decorating. I’ve mentioned this technique before, but this is the official go to post so that you don’t have to search for that information. The most recent cake I “decorated” was a cake for our kindergarten teacher. The parents threw her a little surprise party on the last day of teacher appreciation week. To decorate a cake with cookie cutters: Bake and … Continue reading

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Pin it, Make it: Dates to Remember

dates to remember framed

Pinterest. Need I say more? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I saw this project and totally loved it. I don’t have photoshop so I went with the next best thing, stickers. I didn’t think it would be that difficult to find number stickers, but apparently it is. I know some alphabet sets include numbers, but with the amount of numbers I needed, I would blow through a ton of packs. That equals major cash. All I found were plain black numbers. I think I would have loved the end result much more if the numbers were white. Materials: number stickers patterned paper frame Directions 1. Cut paper to fit frame. This first sheet will act as a mat. Cut second … Continue reading

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Framed Phrase Decal

Framed phrase decal

You know what I’m grateful for?  It’s sort of silly.  I am thankful that I can create custom decor for my home that has a special meaning and sentimental value.  See, pretty silly. But this is my home and I take great pride in it.  It’s a reflection of me.  Not the stained carpets and crayon drawing laced walls, that’s a reflection of my kids.  I like to surround myself with the things I love, just like everyone else.  I have to stare at these walls majority of the day, so I figure I should be able to look at something that pleases me and brings a smile to my face.  Almost a year ago I participated in a photography challenge and … Continue reading

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Decorative Tile Drawing Craft

Tile Drawing

 I was asked to organize the crafts for the Eid party that J’s school held back in September.  I needed to come up with a couple of crafts that would entertain 150+ children.  I wanted to present something that was affordable and would be a project worth keeping for the kids.  I decided to borrow an idea I had seen at a kid’s festival which was simply a tile drawing. The tile drawing was a hit at J’s 4th birthday, so I was confident it would be a good project for the kids at school.  Every tile would be as unique as each child.  With the addition of a ribbon glued to the back, it would be something they could proudly display in … Continue reading

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First Day of School Schultuete


I love starting traditions with my girls.  It gives them something to look forward to for each occasion and it allows me to have a consistent idea I can always go back to.  I was excited to see this project for a Schultuete in a Highlights magazine that I had picked up at a thrift store earlier this year.  It seemed like a really cute idea that would make the first day of school a bit more exciting and memorable. It’s actually really easy to pull together which made it the perfect project to make just before I had to head out to pick up J from her first day of school. First Day of School Schultuete  {via Highlights Magazine … Continue reading

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