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Bay Area Outting: Muir Woods

Muir woods

We’re pretty spoiled living in Northern California.  We have beautiful scenery across the map.  From the mountains to the beaches and everything in between, everything about California is beautiful.  But of course being born and raised here, I may be a bit biased.  Muir Woods is a stunning destination to explore the giants of the forest, sequoias and redwoods.  It’s a bit of a drive from our home, but well worth it.  It’s gorgeous, serene, and very refreshing.  With the trees towering above, I’m reminded how very small I am on this huge planet.  There are many beautiful trails to hike, but we mostly kept to the forest floor because of the girls.  On this particular day, we didn’t actually know our destination … Continue reading

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American Muslim Mom Worldwide Ramadan Meetup Day

American Muslim Mom Ramadan meetup

Have you ever wished that you could meet other Muslim moms in your community? Moms outside of your usual circles, moms from other schools, moms with kids the same ages as yours, moms with similar hobbies and interests as you?  While we all adore our friends and family, sometimes it’s fun to get out there and meet other members of the community, and potentially new friends!  This Little Life of Mine has teamed up with and to create the first ever Worldwide Ramadan Meetup!  On Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 1 pm, you will have the perfect opportunity to get out and meet new families in your community! Meetup communities have already been set up in 17 different locations! Can’t … Continue reading

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A Weekend of Firsts

What a special weekend this was.  I got to check three things off of my “I’d Like to do That Some Day” list.  For Maysoon’s birthday, I wanted to attempt to make a homemade cake for her.  Now I say “attempt” because I have made cakes in the past. However, they were hardly edible and extremely heavy. Me and my over mixing. So I decided that I’d try one last time.  If I fail then I’ll know that baking cakes is not for me. Since last year for her first birthday we had her monstrously huge party, I wanted to make this year as low key as possible.  Just me and my girls, baking. The recipe was successful. Yay!  I made one (crucial) mistake by using … Continue reading

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