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Ramadan and Eid Posts on DisneyBaby

Good Deeds for Baby

The first 10 days of Ramadan are completed! I’m clinging tight because these days are so fleeting. I pray that I’ve used my time wisely and have done things that will benefit me now and beyond. The first ever Ramadan and Eid posts on DisneyBaby are now live!  I hope that the posts provide great insight into the spirit of Ramadan for non-Muslims, but are also beneficial and useful for Muslim readers. Please feel free to share (Facebook, Tweet, Pin) whatever you find interesting! Thank you all for your continued support. 3o Ramadan Inspired Baby Names 10 Ramadan and Eid Children’s Books 23 Delightful Ramadan and Eid Decorations 10 Good Deeds and Acts of Kindness for Children 10 Ramadan and … Continue reading

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30 Days of Ramadan Balloon Countdown

30 Days of Ramadan Balloon Countdown

Last Ramadan a friend posted a picture of a friend’s home decorated for Ramadan. It consisted of twinkle lights and 30 balloons, one for each day of the month. After iftar, the breaking of the Ramadan fast, the kids would pop one balloon to find a sweet treat inside. I liked the idea and thought it was very festive and clever. Last Ramadan our home didn’t have stairs.  Since we’ve moved and now have stairs, I decided to give it a go. Mind I thought of adding it last minute. Our decorations for Ramadan were up, but it felt so sparse since everything was spread out. I figured 30 balloons in our Ramadan decoration color scheme would spruce things up … Continue reading

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Ramadan Bucket List

Ramadan Bucket List 2

While flipping through a magazine many years back, I came across an article of a family celebrating Christmas and their home decorations.  There was an image of drawstring bags attached to thin rope strung around the dining table.  It hit me that I should do that for Ramadan.  I had the intention to create a drawstring bag advent calendar for Jenin. I had all the materials and supplies but never got around to it. Every year Ramadan would come and go and I still had never created any advent calendar of sorts. This year, I’m not necessarily giving up on the dream, but I’m making it a bit easier on myself so I can stop being so hard on myself for never … Continue reading

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First Day of Ramadan Gift Basket

Ramadan Morning Gift Basket

Ramadan traditions are starting to become a big deal around here.  Growing up we didn’t really do anything for Ramadan besides, well, fast.  I want to be able to start traditions with my girls that they’ll grow up to possibly continue with their children and also to look back on these cherished memories. The great thing about Ramadan is that we’re all inspired to make more of an effort for the sake of our families. Regular day to day duties and stress can bring us – or at least me – down.  There’s nothing like the month of mercy and compassion to bring out the best in this tired-but-still-trying-to-make-it mom. Last year the idea of Ramadan Morning Gift Sets came … Continue reading

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Ramadan and Eid Decoration Company Round-Up

eid creations

Recently I’ve had quite a few people ask me about where I’ve gotten my Ramadan and/or Eid decorations.  I decided to make it easy for everyone and share them all in one place. You’re welcome Just a few years ago Ramadan or Eid decorations and party supplies were nearly impossible to find. Many of us resorted to using Christmas decorations or creating our own (which I still enjoy to do). All of these wonderful companies offer such a great service to us all.  One of the things I stressed in my Ramadan webinar was the importance of making Ramadan and Eid festive and exciting for our children and families.  Thanks to the following companies, we can all make our houses … Continue reading

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Ramadan Revealed Webinar: Children


I participated in my first ever webinar! The wonderful Amanda of contacted me to participate in her great webinar series Ramadan Revealed, A Beginners Guide to Islam’s Most Holy Month.  Click over to get all the information and see the upcoming guests. My topic covered preparing children for Ramadan.  Tips and tricks to get kids excited, occupied, and fed through the whole month. I loved the very conversational feel of it and had a blast chatting with Amanda. You get the chance to put a voice to my blog posts — and watch me constantly fidget, no wonder where my girls get it from! Don’t mind me talking to the screen and not the camera. I was making eye contact with … Continue reading

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A Test of Mercy – Part 1

house boat on lake shasta

Every once in a while, something happens that alters our lives forever.  It shakes us to our core and affects the rest of the way we live out our life.  Rarely do we ask for such an occurrence, but rather unknowingly bring it upon ourselves through divine intervention. I’m not a superstitious person by any means.  Black cats, broken mirrors, and walking under ladders don’t phase me.  On the first day of seventh grade, my horoscope read: August will be a month you will always remember. Strange, since it was already September and nothing noteworthy had gone down the month before.  Still every once in a while, I remember that horoscope and the supposedly memorable August. This past August, August … Continue reading

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Ribbon Tied Holiday Lights

ribbon lights collage

We all have them.  Those loooong strings of lights that we picked up on clearance (or perhaps you paid full price, silly you).  Colored or plain white.  LED or traditional energy gulping bulbs.  We string them up for Ramadan and Eid to make our homes more festive for our kids (okay and for us).  They’re magical and twinkly and just plain fun. But once those lights are unplugged during daylight hours, they’re loooong strings of lights draped around our mantels, wrapped around our banisters, and hung across our ceilings begin looking like spiderwebs on steroids. I saw this idea months ago and knew this was the way to go to make the strings look festive all day and night.  Tying … Continue reading

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Ramadan Morning Gift Sets

ramadan display

This Ramadan I’ve been trying to incorporate more traditions for the girls.  We started with moon sighting, though unsuccessful, started the ball rolling for our new Ramadan traditions. As the girls slept that night, I did some quick decorating so that they would wake up to a special surprise.  I incorporated decorations that they have been making along with a couple of other items. I stress “quick”.  I wasn’t super feeling the setup, but I wanted to get something up.  It’s since changed a few times and will change a few more until it feels right. As for the gift sets, I wanted them to be more Muslim-y and Ramadan themed but the idea came to me while in Michaels … Continue reading

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Ramadan Moon Sighting Telescope

Ramadan Moon Sighting Telescope

As a little girl, I used to search the night sky trying to find the Ramadan moon.  It was such a magical concept, to view the moon that would signal the start of the holiest month for all the Muslims across the world.  Moon sighting is a tradition that I have longed to start with my children.  This year I was determined to start. To prepare the girls and to get them excited about the event, I suggested we make telescopes to help spot the moon.  Of course, the girls were all in. Supplies: Paper towel rolls, wrapping paper dowels, or toilet paper rolls Paper, stickers, markers – anything you with to decorate with Ribbon or yarn Instructions: Have your … Continue reading

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