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8th Anniversary


Eight years today. I married him. But I hardly knew him. I thought I did. But I was wrong. It took me a while to figure him out. But once I did… It’s been smooth sailing from there. I’ve grown considerably since the first day of my marriage. I started out as a hot-headed, I’m-always-right, must-have-the-last-word newlywed. Eight years later, I’m still always right. I just don’t voice it every single time now. We started out quite differently and still aren’t always on the same page. Coming from two different backgrounds, sometimes we aren’t even in the same book. In the beginning, I resented it. Now I embrace it and make it work. Or at least I try really, really … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Katie Moon of oohmoon announced that she was having a custom family illustration contest.  All you have to do is fill out a small form explaining your favorite family activity and submit a family photo.  Easy stuff. Or so I thought. As I started going through folder after folder of my photos I started to realize that, well, we have no family pictures.  No real family pictures.  Any pictures of us as a family are strictly during special occasions like the Eid or weddings.  Even then those pictures have issues.  Uncooperative children, missing one child (see uncooperative children), or awkward arm length shots.  The last time we took a family picture: November 2010.  Three months ago!!!  Not cool. Not cool at … Continue reading

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My Dearest Rami, Six years ago I put my hand in yours and we embarked on our journey of marriage.  I, an American born girl with the wildest thoughts you’ve ever imagined.  You, a Palestinian raised guy with centuries old traditions coursing through your veins.  Different sides unable to agree to disagree.  Slowly a shift was made and we saw each other with new eyes.  Give and take, give and take, give and take.  We rode the highs and stood fast through the lows.  Hand in hand we continued toward creating what we have now.  A beautiful family that I thank God for every single day.  Six years full of amazing adventures and wonderful memories.  I love your spontaneity, the passionate … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Law

My in-laws delayed flight should have been an indicator of how my week was going to go.  We’re not talking about a 15 minute delay. We waited 2 hours.  Two hours with two monsters.  We kept them busy by taking them for a ride on the tram that goes around the terminal.  I’m pretty sure it’s designated purpose is not to entertain little girls impatiently awaiting the arrival of their grandparents, but I guess the tram can add that to it’s resume. (Taken with my cell phone) Finally, they arrive. My father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law (the only girl among six brothers), and two younger brothers-in-law.  Rami’s brother “Smiley” was getting married in May.  The last time they were all here was five … Continue reading

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To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return

On Monday, December 21, my grandmother passed away.  Sitti Zuhara was 85 years old. Two daughters, eleven grandchildren and twenty-six great-grandchildren shall carry on her memory and pray for her. She was born and raised in Palestine where she lived independently for over 40 years of her life. As a single mother she raised two caring and God fearing daughters. Tata was green before it was cool, constantly reminding us to turn off any lights that were not in use and to reduce the flow of water from the faucet, amongst other things. Every Monday and Thursday she would leave her home in Beit Hanina to get to Jerusalem to offer prayers at Masjid Al-Aqsa. While it may be a 15 … Continue reading

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That’s what I’ve been. Doing all this: Hanging with my nephew Ahmad, trying to get in as much quality time as possible before he leaves back to Pali. We have the same birthday ) Trying to teach B how to shake hands correctly so that he can get a job. This was just before he left for his first interview. Maysoon attended her first family wedding this past weekend.The henna night: Couldn’t get a picture of the girls together to save my life. My sister Amena crocheted Jenin’s pink sweater. Me and Iman hit up the Alameda flea market the morning of the wedding. I was so bummed because I couldn’t find any Ts. {snicker} This was taken after the … Continue reading

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Happy Ha….. Harvest festival??

No Halloween this year, but the kids did go to a harvest festival at Serene and Abdallah’s school. 1. Just before leaving the house, Jenin had burned her hand on a curling iron {coughthanksalotaffnancough} so being able to wear a “lululiya” out of the house was an excellent distraction from the pain.2. Fishing for duckies for a prize with Khalti Iman.3. She insisted on taking a picture with this. 1.Serene the cat. Rayyan the bear. Jenin the princess. Abdallah as Ash (the pokemon kid).2. Me and my baby.3. Posing with the leaves.

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Daddy’s little girl

“Honk, honk!” Sweet lil’ baby kisses

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A new chapter

Today started us off on a new chapter for our family.  Rami opened his first WIC store.  We’re both very excited and grateful for this opportunity. Alhamdulilah.  This will be the first of, Inshallah, five stores total.  There are already two previous stores, plus this one today, makes three stores up and running.  Two more left to open!  I really am very proud of how far Rami has come. He has truly blazed a trail for himself.  Inshallah one day I can call him a self-made millionaire!  He’s come a long way since he first came to America. From working the graveyard shift as a security guard on Reno’s streets, to frying up hot wings and craw fish in New … Continue reading

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Pics from Tahoe

“I can’t move!!!” Snowmobiling was super fun. Affnan and Rami finally resolve their differences.

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