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Review and Giveaway: Kinza Scarves

Kinza Package

When I turned 30 this past December, I decided that 30 would be my year. My year to step up and step out to be my true self. To embrace the good things about myself and to improve my faults that were within my power to change. I would no longer be afraid to use my good dishes and stop saving my best craft supplies and actually put them to use.  It was time to start enjoying life. I decided as a gift to myself, I’d get a style makeover via Style By Design (more on that soon!).  It was time for something new and modern!  Up until that point, I felt like I was stuck in a Hijabi Mom … Continue reading

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Read-A-Thon Characters

caroline on meadow view st. character costume

Every year at J’s school, the students participate in a month long read-a-thon.  During the entire month, hours and hours of reading are logged.  Classes compete and students all submerge themselves in piles of books.  At the end of the month, all of the students get to dress as their favorite character from a book.  It’s typically from the book that they completed a book report on during the month.  The younger grade teachers also dress up.  And one crazy fun-loving parent.  Me.  Yup. I tried to persuade Jenin towards a few characters but she held firm in her character choice.  I honestly admire her persistence.  Strong and stubborn, she’ll change they world, yes she will.  She chose Caroline from … Continue reading

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Giveaway: Modest Sea

modest sea swimwear

As of today, there are 51 days until summer.  Are you ready? Ah summer, I can see it now.  Family barbecues, fresh raspberry lemonade, and a whole lot of swimming and water play. Unfortunately though, swimming in my hijab, or head scarf, pretty much only consisted of putting my feet and ankles in the water.  “Street clothes” are not allowed at any public pools.  Enjoying the ocean meant rolling up my pants and letting the waves crash up over my feet.  Fun stuff, huh? If you’re like me and you no longer want to sit out on all the fun, I have the solution. Enter   Modest Sea Swimwear.  Their alternative swimwear collections feature full coverage and moderate coverage suits.   The quality … Continue reading

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Haute Hijab 2011 Fall Launch Preview

So smart.

Hijabi clothing has come a long way since I first started wearing hijab.  I remember many Muslimahs sporting men’s dress shirts because they would be modest and cover our back sides.  Lots of ill fitting, not particularly fashionable things going on back in the days. What were we to do?   We didn’t have the gorgeous options then that we do today.  And ladies, the options just became a whole lot more gorgeous. Announcing the 2011 Fall launch of the Haute Hijab  fashion clothing line.  Famous for their lovely vintage scarves, Haute Hijab has now ventured into hijab clothing in an incredibly sophisticated way “with an edge for confident women who love taking fashion risks.” Amen sister.  Here’s an exclusive preview of what you … Continue reading

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Zeena Review and Giveaway

baby bump

With all these giveaways, you’d think Eid was right around the corner.  Oh wait, it is. Every hijabi knows the drill:  Walk into a clothing store, pass the tops, and head straight for the dresses in search of a long and modest “shirt”.    Except you know, and I know that it’s actually a dress.  When online shopping, I don’t even bother clicking “Tops”. Straight to “Dresses” for me.  Even then I’m left sorting out the ones that won’t work.  Too tight on the bust, low revealing back, just plain ugly. Once we do find a dress/shirt that works, we still have to “hijabify” it.  You know, add a long sleeve Tee underneath or a cardigan or jacket above to cover up … Continue reading

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New inspiration

I found out about the designer Sebastian Gunawan from the Hijabi Facebook group. I found a couple of things I’d like to imitate. Some of his other things would be really pretty with a few tweaks. I love this coat. I think the belt really makes it special. You can see the back in the second pic. I wonder if I can have the belt made and use it for both pieces to save a bit of cash. I went to the Britex Fabrics store today with Nada and found some thick satin ribbon and beaded pieces that would work to make the belt. The price wasn’t too bad considering I’d be using it for two dresses.

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Are you a hijabi fashionista?

How cute is this?? I love the In Style feel of how it’s put together. I found this here. I also joined this group. Some cute ideas in the photo album (similar pics like above) and some crazy funky things too. To each their own.

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So here’s the thing

So I’m going to Palestine, right? Okay, well we all know things cost much less out there. So I’m planning on taking full advantage of that and having some dresses made. I want some thing cute and young looking. Not fluffy-I’m-going-to-prom young, but you know, hip young. Maybe something a bit fitted. Maybe something in a print. So searching and searching for inspiration I came across these: Apparently I have a hidden desire to be a 50+ black woman. So for Miss Oprah’s dress, I found this fabric that I totally love. I also bought the matching ribbon in the ivory and aqua. I just need the plain brown now. Oh and did I mention this fabric was only $2 … Continue reading

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