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Review and Giveaway: Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints Little Life of Mine

I’m kind of obsessed with wall art. I typically have more things to display than I have wall space.  More often than not, my absolute favorites always find an immediate place on my walls while the others sit around until inspiration strikes and I find the perfect location. Majority of the pieces hanging on my walls have a special meaning to me. They’re either items I’ve collected during my travels, something sentimental, or perhaps it’s just a unique piece I really, really love! One of my current favorites is a photo canvas I received from Easy Canvas Prints a couple of years ago. It featured an image of the Dome of the Rock that I took while vacationing in Palestine. … Continue reading

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Review and Giveaway: Simply Impressions Islamic Decals

Supplies and application.

This post is totally overdue.  Like way past overdue.  Like ridiculous library fine overdue. I received my Simply Impressions decal back in December.  No, not of 2012.  December 2011.  I’ll just give you a minute to recover from the ridiculousness of my lateness.  But I have a really good reason. I received them a couple days before I gave birth to Baby Z!  I was so dedicated to reviewing the product and putting them to use, that I was in Micheal’s, while in labor (!), picking out a frame for the idea I had. Well, I had Zaynab, forgot what two solid hours of sleep felt like, and barely made it out on the other side of the 6 month … Continue reading

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Housewarming Gift in a Jar

housewarming gift jar 2

- Welcome Pinners, glad to have you here! Hope you benefit from this post! – Moving sucks.  Don’t get me wrong, a new place and a fresh start are great.  But it’s the packing and unpacking, transporting, furniture getting damaged, fragile items breaking, and things getting lost that are annoying.  Am I right? A dear friend of mine recently moved a couple of weeks ago.  But wait, she just moved into this new place a few months ago.  There’s more, she’s moving again after four months.  Why all the moves?  Their current apartment needed to be renovated so management had to ask them to leave temporarily.   I hope the postal service doesn’t think all their mail forwarding requests are pranks. … Continue reading

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Family Room Gallery Wall

Family room gallery wall

In a moment of panic last month, thinking I had gone into labor, I whipped out a hammer and nails.  For months I had been wanting to put up a gallery style display on the wall in my family room/kitchen area.  The tapestry that was there had been moved to the living room above the mantel leaving this wall totally bare.  It drove me nuts.  I had a super long to-do list to complete before the baby arrived and this was right there at the top. It’s a very eclectic mix of things.  Very much my style.  I’m not crazy about matchy-matchy totally symmetrical displays.  This reflects my personality much better.  Laid back, casual, and a bit funky. I picked … Continue reading

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Easy Canvas Prints – Photo to Canvas

12 x 18 Canvas

I remember when I first saw pictures printed on canvas.  It was way back in the day before everyone and their mothers were blogging.  It seemed like such a luxury and such a cool thing to have in the home.   I never looked into it again because the prices were out of my budget and for some reason there would be issues with my image resolution.  I let my dream of owning a canvas of one of my photos slowly fade away. Then Easy Canvas Prints came along and reignited that excitement I once felt.  With a generous and awesome offer presented, I knew exactly which image I wanted on a canvas.  During my very first trip to Palestine, I took … Continue reading

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Homey Favorites

 During my trip to Hajj, I found this beautiful tapestry.  It’s been one of my favorite pieces in my house since I’ve gotten married.  I actually bought it specifically for my home while I was in Mecca.  Mind you, I wasn’t even engaged or looking to be married at the time. I just knew I loved it and had to have it.  The colors are so me.  I love using blues and greens. My girls pulled a bit too tightly one day on it and brought it down from the wall where it’s been hanging since we moved into this home four years ago.  Once I get my hands on a power drill (Hey Baba, when are you coming over?), … Continue reading

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I Got It Covered

I truly believed covering my kitchen chairs in outdoor fabric was a great idea.  It seemed completely foolproof. Cute fabric that was stain resistant.  No more crying over spilt milk.  Unfortunately, the fabric faded miserably due to scrubbing off messy spills all the time. Good idea: FAIL. Plus, my chairs turned out to be crappy quality so everything was a total waste. Double fail. It finally dawned on me (with a little help from Dana) that oilcloth would be the way to go.  I searched online but wasn’t crazy about the prices.  I searched in the stores but didn’t find anything to my liking.  As I knew my trip to Washington was approaching, I knew I would check out Pacific Fabric & Crafts.  … Continue reading

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Chair Redo

A long time ago I had a great idea.  I would get outdoor fabric to upholster the seats on the new chairs I was getting for our kitchen table.  I would be getting the best of both worlds, cute fabric that would stay clean through all of Jenin’s spills and drips.  Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  The fabric boasted that it is stain resistant, which it is.  What it didn’t mention is that the fabric would fade miserably each time I wiped off the tomato sauce/chocolate milk/strawberry yogurt/oatmeal/etc. Look how great the fresh, new fabric looks on the chair?  Sorry about the picture, it was an after thought during some downtime while making cinnamon rolls, which … Continue reading

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Girls’ room

I wanted to give my daughters a playful room to grow up in. A room they would remember long after they’ve outgrown it. From the door Jenin’s side The incredibly long butterfly garland, lower case j from Marshalls (or TJMaxx, can’t remember), fabric J from Anthropologie (on sale, from Iman), hokey pokey sign (also from Iman), Jenin’s name hand embroidered by my sister-in-law framed in Martha Stewart frame from Michaels (Jenin is named after the city my husband is from), and the poppy print that is my color inspiration for the whole room. One of my favorite pieces in the room. The headboard was $15 from a furniture wholesale warehouse. It was gold. I spray painted it black to match Maysoon’s crib … Continue reading

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Better visual *Edited with choice at end of post*

Okay, maybe this will help me make a decision.I like how this pattern looks. I don’t like it in black. Rami does. I want more of a contrast. Maybe the green? Here’s a damask. Not really sure how I feel about this. I love it as a nursing cover which is what this particular piece of fabric is. I would get the mocha damask.I’m not so sure about the striped fabric now. What if I covered one chair in each fabric. This way I wouldn’t have to decide. Help! *Edited to add: I ended up ordering this one. Takes 2 – 3 weeks for delivery. Hope it looks good.

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