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Review and Giveaway: Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints Little Life of Mine

I’m kind of obsessed with wall art. I typically have more things to display than I have wall space.  More often than not, my absolute favorites always find an immediate place on my walls while the others sit around until inspiration strikes and I find the perfect location. Majority of the pieces hanging on my walls have a special meaning to me. They’re either items I’ve collected during my travels, something sentimental, or perhaps it’s just a unique piece I really, really love! One of my current favorites is a photo canvas I received from Easy Canvas Prints a couple of years ago. It featured an image of the Dome of the Rock that I took while vacationing in Palestine. … Continue reading

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Easy Canvas Prints – Photo to Canvas

12 x 18 Canvas

I remember when I first saw pictures printed on canvas.  It was way back in the day before everyone and their mothers were blogging.  It seemed like such a luxury and such a cool thing to have in the home.   I never looked into it again because the prices were out of my budget and for some reason there would be issues with my image resolution.  I let my dream of owning a canvas of one of my photos slowly fade away. Then Easy Canvas Prints came along and reignited that excitement I once felt.  With a generous and awesome offer presented, I knew exactly which image I wanted on a canvas.  During my very first trip to Palestine, I took … Continue reading

This gallery contains 4 photos.

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Top 10 Photography Tips for Moms

BW Reading

Moms are probably the largest group of photographers out there.  Check out my simple photography tips at that will help you improve the photographer in you and possibily shed some new light on things you haven’t considered before. Top 10 Photography Tips for Moms – American Muslim Mom Contributor Post

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Boost In Confidence

Did you catch the picture I posted of Maysoon climbing out of her crib?  Well it caught the eye of the uber talented Michelle Moore, the guest judge over at i heart faces. Holla!!! Third place! I was crazy excited and just couldn’t believe it.  While I was taking the pictures I didn’t even have the (anything but a face) challenge in mind.  I simply wanted to capture my baby girl in her last true moments as a baby.  However, she had no intention of posing one last time for me in her crib. Almost as if there was a magnetic pull in her feet pulling her to the ground, she would immediately climb out.  So instead I decided to capture her … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Katie Moon of oohmoon announced that she was having a custom family illustration contest.  All you have to do is fill out a small form explaining your favorite family activity and submit a family photo.  Easy stuff. Or so I thought. As I started going through folder after folder of my photos I started to realize that, well, we have no family pictures.  No real family pictures.  Any pictures of us as a family are strictly during special occasions like the Eid or weddings.  Even then those pictures have issues.  Uncooperative children, missing one child (see uncooperative children), or awkward arm length shots.  The last time we took a family picture: November 2010.  Three months ago!!!  Not cool. Not cool at … Continue reading

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30 Day Photo Challenge

Going to try this. More information at COLOURS OF MY LIFE.

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Ramadan 2010

I look forward to these images every year.  (photo by Muhammed Muheisen) See the rest here.

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Wedding photography

I took my first photography course in college and instantly fell in love.  I was all about the abstract shots. The artsy college student kind of stuff.  Then one day my cousin asked me to take pictures for his wedding.  I was pretty nervous since there was only one chance to get it right.  At the end of the wedding I felt pretty good about the images and couldn’t wait to get the film developed.  Film. {sigh} I miss college. Soon after his wedding I started receiving calls to photograph small weddings and engagements.  In fact my first ever engagement was for the now world famous designer Rabia Zargarpur.  Lately I’ve been booking at least one wedding a month.  I love … Continue reading

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Stinson Beach

I have things to do. I have a TON of things to do.  The best way to deal with it? Blow it all off and head for the beach. Mmmmm.. crab legs.  Pass the butter… Note to self: Add to life’s “to-do” list. J burying her uncle.  The beauty of California never ceases to take my breath away. Back to work. {sigh}

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Not enough pictures

Dear Maysoon, You will be 7 months old very soon. Too soon. In your entire 7 months of existence you have very few pictures. It’s not that I don’t want to photograph you, my love, it’s just that your sister makes it very difficult. I think Jenin has more pictures from the day she was born than your entire life. That’s really not fair. I’m not a bad mom. I do want to remember you as a baby. I desperately wish I took more pictures of you as a newborn. You were the chubbiest newborn I’ve had and I loved every roll. I promise you my sweet little monster that I will take at least one picture of you a … Continue reading

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