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Ramadan and Eid Posts on DisneyBaby

Good Deeds for Baby

The first 10 days of Ramadan are completed! I’m clinging tight because these days are so fleeting. I pray that I’ve used my time wisely and have done things that will benefit me now and beyond. The first ever Ramadan and Eid posts on DisneyBaby are now live!  I hope that the posts provide great insight into the spirit of Ramadan for non-Muslims, but are also beneficial and useful for Muslim readers. Please feel free to share (Facebook, Tweet, Pin) whatever you find interesting! Thank you all for your continued support. 3o Ramadan Inspired Baby Names 10 Ramadan and Eid Children’s Books 23 Delightful Ramadan and Eid Decorations 10 Good Deeds and Acts of Kindness for Children 10 Ramadan and … Continue reading

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30 Days of Ramadan Balloon Countdown

30 Days of Ramadan Balloon Countdown

Last Ramadan a friend posted a picture of a friend’s home decorated for Ramadan. It consisted of twinkle lights and 30 balloons, one for each day of the month. After iftar, the breaking of the Ramadan fast, the kids would pop one balloon to find a sweet treat inside. I liked the idea and thought it was very festive and clever. Last Ramadan our home didn’t have stairs.  Since we’ve moved and now have stairs, I decided to give it a go. Mind I thought of adding it last minute. Our decorations for Ramadan were up, but it felt so sparse since everything was spread out. I figured 30 balloons in our Ramadan decoration color scheme would spruce things up … Continue reading

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First Day of Ramadan Gift Basket

Ramadan Morning Gift Basket

Ramadan traditions are starting to become a big deal around here.  Growing up we didn’t really do anything for Ramadan besides, well, fast.  I want to be able to start traditions with my girls that they’ll grow up to possibly continue with their children and also to look back on these cherished memories. The great thing about Ramadan is that we’re all inspired to make more of an effort for the sake of our families. Regular day to day duties and stress can bring us – or at least me – down.  There’s nothing like the month of mercy and compassion to bring out the best in this tired-but-still-trying-to-make-it mom. Last year the idea of Ramadan Morning Gift Sets came … Continue reading

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Eid Treat Bags: Sweet and Simple

custom wrapped eid chocolate bars

This Eid my husband was out of town, 3 weeks total, and I was to fend for myself with three young children alone on the Eid.  I survived.  Someone give me a t-shirt. Every Eid brings about a new style of Eid treat bag. Given the circumstances, I kept the bags just as I said, sweet and simple.  A couple of chocolate coins (which I’ve always wanted to include), a punching balloon which was the highlight of the last Eid treat bags, a bouncy ball, and some alphabet stickers.  That’s it.  All packaged up in mini black bags with gold ribbon.  A little nod towards the Kaa’ba. The older kids got their chocolate wrapped million dollar bars. The tiniest ones … Continue reading

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Arabic Day 2012

Arabic Day Display

Every year at my daughter’s school, they hold an event called Arabic Day.  The day’s focus is on, well, Arabic.  Each grade studies Arabic as a part of their daily curriculum in order to be able to fully understand and read the Holy Qur’an.  There are several special aspects of Arabic Day.  Each grade puts on a play or sings songs entirely in Arabic.  A classroom is transformed into a display area featuring items from Arab cultures and showcasing the Arabic language in art and textiles. The grand finale is the Arabic meal prepared and served by some of the parents from the school. It’s a big deal. This was my first year experiencing it as it is Jenin’s first … Continue reading

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Allah to Z Islamic Alphabet Book Winner

Allah to Z giveaway winner

And the winner is… Congratulations!  Please e-mail me your full name and mailing address.  I hope you and your child treasure the book for years to come! Didn’t win and would like to purchase a copy (or two or three) of the book?  Buy it here.  Enter LIFEOFMINE in the checkout notes to receive a bonus activity kit! Thank you Sam’n for taking inspiration from your children and giving the Muslim community this great book.  It will be cherished by many for years to come.  Winner is randomly selected using “And the winner is” WordPress plugin.

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Modest Sea Winner

modest sea  swimwear winner

Whoa, it’s already Friday.  I should have announced this on Tuesday.  Certainly you forgive me.  I know the winner at least will. And the winner is… Congratulations Sadia! Didn’t win? No worries.  ModestSea is extending a sweet 20% discount for Little Life Of Mine readers.  After choosing your swimwear, and adding it to your “bag”, proceed to checkout. In this stage, if you are not already logged in, create an account here. You must sign up in order to make a purchase. After logging in and choosing shipping and payment methods, you will see this screen: On this screen submit code number 507090, and update your subtotal.  And bam.. you just saved 20%.  You’re welcome. Now get out there and enjoy your summer. Winner … Continue reading

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My Halal Kitchen Giveaway Winner

mhk aprons winner

First and foremost, thank you to everyone that commented and shared My Halal Kitchen and This Little Life of Mine Facebook pages.  Your support of both sites encourages us to keep going and giving back.  By sharing My Halal Kitchen with you, I hope that you discovered (or fell in love with again) a great go-to site for halal recipes and information.  With so, so many food bloggers out there, Yvonne has certainly created a site specific to our needs.  Thank you Yvonne for bringing us My Halal Kitchen and for the great goodies from this giveaway. Drum roll… And the winner is:   Congratulations Dima!  Please e-mail me your shipping information. Winner was randomly selectedby “And the winner is” plugin … Continue reading

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Mobile Blogging


Testing out a blogging app.  If it works then expect a short mobile post once a week.

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