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Forest Research Institute Malaysia

FRIM canopy walk 2

I consider myself the outdoors-y type.  I love all things natural and green.  I’m always up for a good hike. I enjoy taking in God’s splendor while getting a good workout in the process.  FRIM offered a great opportunity to take a hike and take on an amazing canopy walk above the trees. The girls were good sports during the almost hour long hike.  Z was passed around to help ease the load as we ascended the mountain.  Once we reached the top of the trail that leads to the canopy walk, we took the opportunity to relax by a waterfall and splash around a bit.  After a bit of a rest, my girls were handed over to my {super … Continue reading

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Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Amnah and Daughters

My number one recommendation for places to visit in Kuala Lumpur is the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.  The beauty, culture, history, architecture…everything is just perfect [in my book].  I spent h o u r s there.  I would have taken much longer, or even returned, if I could have. I read just about every plaque attached to each artifact, took pics of practically everything in there, and just stood in awe and amazement of everything before me.  One of my favorite nerdy things to do, is to imagine what life was like centuries ago.  Each case housed items that I imagined being used before my eyes.  Clothing fit for royalty. Handwritten Qur’anic verses on gloriously decorated pages.  Pottery that held the … Continue reading

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Batik Painting at the Craft Complex

batik paints

Of course I would do a craft while on vacation.  Probably my first in months.  Between school, daily household chores, three little kiddos, and life in general, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten glue/paint/glitter on my hands. When my sister first visited Malaysia prior to moving there, she brought back an adorable hand painted Batik of a giraffe.  With Jenin’s love of painting, I knew it was somewhere I really wanted to take the girls. The Craft Complex, or Kompleks Budaya Kraf, is situated close to downtown.  It’s a beautiful setting consisting of a main building with a great gift shop and numerous hut style cottages throughout the grounds.  Tropical tree lined pathways lead to each hut.  We only … Continue reading

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Masjid Wilayah

baby zellij

Prior to visiting Malaysia, I made my sister a list of things I wanted to see and do.  Yes, I made her an official list.  We’re cool like that.  Included in the “must dos” were eating, hanging out, eating, and anything and everything that featured Islamic architecture.  I could stare at the gorgeous carvings, patterns, and colors all day long.  And sometimes I did.  And sometimes we were late picking up her kids.  Oops! The first of our Kuala Lumpur mosque tour was Masjid Wilayah.  It’s actually quite new, less than 15 years old.  It was quite stunning.  So many awe inspiring details.  It was love at first sight when I saw the cobalt, emerald, and mustard zellij wall. It’s … Continue reading

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A Bit of KL

ice lemon tea

So, surely you’ve noticed my absence around here.(You did miss me, right?)  However, if you’ve been following along my Facebook page and Instagram, you’d know that the girls and I were vacationing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!  We flew half way around the world to visit my BFF/sister Iman.  Never in a million years did I think I’d have the chance to travel to this tropical Muslim country.  The opportunity arose and I knew it was now or never. Carpe diem! This post will highlight just a bit of our travels in KL.  With over 2,000 pictures taken, not including the ones my sisters took, I have quite a bit of images to sift through and edit.  I’ll go into detail … Continue reading

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Bellingham Recap

“Rami, honey, can I go to Washington?” I asked expecting to hear the usual ”no”.  I tend to ask on a monthly basis so I’ve heard 11 “no”s so far.  So when I heard a hesitant “okay” I jumped at it. Within seconds (I’m not exaggerating) Iman and I were texting and calling and searching and confirming a flight.  B’ham, here I come. Car seat, snacks, puzzle, teddy… Check.  All is calm. Baby monster, not so much.  Homegirl does not sit still.  I’m not exaggerating.  Since she’s a lap child, she didn’t have a car seat, so I got super lucky and scored an extra seat.  Too bad I can’t say the same for the return flight. {shudder} Total nightmare. Arrival in Sea-Tac. Iman greeted me … Continue reading

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Road trip detour

Back in March, we ended up taking an impromptu trip down to San Diego. Well Mr. Spontaneous had a little bit of spontaneity left inside as we drove down the freeway supposedly on our way home.  He turned down the music and asked Jenin, “do you want to see Belle?” I quickly punched him in the arm and told him not to tease her like that.  That’s when he gave me a look that he was completely serious.  Typed in “Disneyland” into the GPS and we were on our way. Waiting for the tea cups. As we waited in line to see the Princesses Maysoon became incredibly irritated. Check out Jenin waiting patiently, a definite first. As we were taking pictures … Continue reading

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San Diego Zoo

My husband is Mr. Spontaneous.  A couple of weeks ago he decided to go to San Diego. He made the decision the night before we left. “I’m going to book the hotel, okay?”  Ummmm… okay. It was the weekend that I was hoping to have Maysoon’s birthday party but the weather was iffy so I gave in.  Plus I was starting to become overwhelmed because I was approaching a deadline for a set of wedding pictures and trying to take care of some details of the party that was becoming a mini wedding itself. I’m trying very hard to suppress the momzilla inside, but I may be on the losing end of this battle.  I figured a mini vaycay would … Continue reading

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Yosemite, Tahoe, Reno… Oh my! Part 3

Finally… Reno. I didn’t forget. I’ve been to Reno before. I’ve been there plenty of times. This time was different. This time had a story. When Rami first came to America back in 2000 he first came to Reno. He attended the University of Reno for the first six months. He lived in a nice little apartment paying only $450 a month. At night he strolled the streets as a security guard. He knew the best buffet (the one in the El Dorado casino). He loved his time in Reno but he was also very lonely. Being 18 and all alone in a strange country is not easy. Unfortunately being an international student is crazy expensive so once the semester … Continue reading

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Yosemite, Tahoe, Reno… Oh my! Part – 2

Tahoe is a different place without the snow. MS Dixie Cruise II The weather was perfect. It lasted 3 hours which was 2 hours and 45 minutes longer than Jenin could have cared for. I enjoyed it a lot. The water was gorgeous. The deepest blue I’ve ever seen. On the way back to shore the water looked as if it was covered in glitter. I could have stared at it all day. To pass the time Jenin resorted to torturing Maysoon. This picture of Maysoon cracks me up. Jenin was averting pictures the entire trip. We had to bribe her to take one with us. Rami’s eyes are closed, Maysoon is cut off, Jenin is annoyed… A second picture … Continue reading

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