Celebrate in Style With Modern Eid Decorations

Eid decorations have come a long way, baby.  We are no longer limited to childish or tacky decor to celebrate our holidays.  It’s also time to break away from re-purposed Christmas clearance.  I don’t even have to make my own Eid decorations anymore because there is finally something available that suits my taste and style.

Hello modernEID, where have you been all of my life?  Stylish, chic, modern and exclusively made for Eid. 

I was so excited when I received my Eid Party Pack:  A decorative bunting, “Happy Eid” print, gift box, cupcake liners and edible toppers, candy bags, gift tags, and stickers.  Wooo! Party in a box!

Fill bags with mini treats or little gifts.

The products were much better quality than I had originally thought.  I suspected the products (bunting, print, tags) were simply scrap-booking grade card stock, but instead they are much sturdier and will last for many Eids to come.  The cupcake liners were really nice, especially the foil ones – pretty and strong.  Having never used edible cupcake toppers before, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to instantly dress up my cupcakes.  I adored the round gift box. There were so many ways to go with it, but ultimately I decided on candy storage due to the wild popularity of modern candy buffets.  The Arabesque stickers were the perfect size to top mini Play-Doh canisters, instantly making them Eid treat bag ready. 

Don’t be fooled by the incredibly affordable prices, the quality is all that and a bag of halal marshmallows.  ModernEID makes it so easy to have a stylish, magazine worthy Eid celebration with their modern Eid decorations.  I can’t help but think if Amy Atlas became Muslim, these would be her go to products.

Edible cupcake toppers!

Gift tags slipped inside of a pack of mini markers.

Candy buffet! Happy Eid, indeed.

Fill this cutie with a cupcake, treats, little gifts...

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Giveaway details:

Must be 18 or older.  Shipping is only available to US and Canadian residents. Giveaway is open from October 20 – October 26 (11:59 pm PST).

One winner will receive a Eid Party Kit (a $25 value) in the design of their choice (Arabesque or Mod). The Eid Party Kit will include:

  • 1 decorative print
  • 1 decorative bunting
  • 1 table runner
  • 1 set of buffet labels
  • 1 set of dessert picks

How to enter:

  • Check out modernEID and tell me which line you would love to win – Arabesque or Mod. Also let me know what having a stylish, modern Eid decorations mean to you. (1 entry)
  • Like modernEID and This Little Life of Mine on Facebook. “I like modernEID & This Little Life of Mine on Facebook.”  (1 entry)

Be sure to check out my fellow American Muslim Mom Contributors’ blogs for additional chances to win! 

One grand prize winner at American Muslim Mom will be chosen from all of the blog post comments from all of the above listed sites, including mine.  The grand prize will be a $50 gift certificate for the modernEID products of your choice!

Good luck!  May your next Eid be a chic and modern one.

I received products to review and use in the creation of this post. I am writing this as a part of a collaboration with American Muslim Mom Media Network. All opinions and reviews are my own.


  • Anisah says:

    As Salamu Alaikum sister, I would so love to have these decorations insha Allah. I pretty much use to go to the Masjid Festivities and that was all. A companion of mines told me how she really does the Eid big at home, but it just wasn’t something I was use to. I have been muslim for 8 years, masha Allah, and I still have some adjustments to make in my life. The change came for me when I got remarried and my oldest son (6 years old) was sitting and having a conversation with my new husband. I was in the room folding laundry, when my husband walked in and said to me, “Abdur-Rahman said that ‘soon it will be christmas and santa will bring all of the toys’.Where does he get this?” I was completely embarrassed because I knew exactly where he’d gotten it from. He and my second son had been in public school since the age of three, and I never realized the impact of it. I thought that teaching them what was righteous would carry them outside of the home. After the incident, I pulled him out of school and began homeschooling, masha Allah. It was really rough at first, but I have seen major progress on getting him to understand Islam better, Al-humdulillah. So now, I’ve been wanting to “do it big”, which is the reason why I am entering. I would love for my boys to understand that WE have our own holidays even though where we live, it is not acknowledged much. Insha Allah, even if I don’t win, I will keep in touch. As Salamu Aliakum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu.

  • Mona says:

    I like the Arabesque. Growing up, Eid was nice, but not a big deal in our household. Now that I am married, I’d like to really go all out on Eid and create an awesome and festive environment.

  • Mona says:

    I like modernEID & This Little Life of Mine on Facebook.

  • Rema Shuman says:

    I like moderneid & this little life of mine :))))

  • Rema Shuman says:

    I would love the mod line, beautiful. A lot has changed in the way we view eid , it is such a big affair now , the kids love it and always love when the eid decor comes out, i would love to not have to diy every year with decor , this looks like a stylish line that i would simply adore inshallah!!

  • Aamina says:

    asak, of course I am going to enter this giveaway. I love Modern Eid ideas. Such a great resource for all the Eid needs.

  • kelly smaili says:

    love this !!!

  • Hoda Emneina says:

    I LOVE your blog. I love the Arabesque line of Modern Eid’s products. As a single mother and full time student, I don’t always have the time to create elaborate decorating projects before Eid. I would love to start being more festive so that my 6 year old feels a real festive atmosphere at home before our big holiday. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Sumiya says:

    I would love to win the Mod line (but the Arabesque would work too!). After having kids, I try to make Eid as festive as possible. Since the community events are limited, we usually host a big party for our friends and their kids, reminiscent of the ones I went to growing up (remember the Quraishi parties??) The activities and gifts planned are aimed for the kids, but I try to make the decorations fun and aesthetically pleasing for the adults too.

  • Sumiya says:

    I (already) like modernEID & This Little Life of Mine on Facebook

  • Abowat says:

    Ive been following your blog for over 6 months now… have never commented :$ Always too shy and don’t like to be known.
    But your blog is amazing, keep up the work and I really enjoy reading all your posts… I even like to check your sisters blog 🙂
    I would love the Mod line, it looks very pretty, even though the other line is just as nice!
    I would love to use this for my Muslim Girls Program that I teach once a week. Since we are budget tight this would really help my little girls and add a little surprise to their program 🙂
    Eid decorations are fun for children to enjoy. Just like in school they do Easter eggs or Santa Clause decorations, I thinks its important to have our children of this ummah to inc-operate Eid into their lives. It is important that children know the importance of Eid and know that this is THEIR celebration and can enjoy it just like how other children enjoy Christmas/Easter etc.
    I really hope I can win this and use it with the Muslim Girls Program 🙂

  • Abowat says:

    I like modernEID & This Little Life of Mine on Facebook. 🙂
    Facebook Name: Sadia Abo

  • Sadia says:

    I’d go with the Arabesque style, although both are very pretty. I love this because for me a stylish, modern Eid means using decorations designed specially for Eid, rather than re-fashioning generic holiday decorations. And I absolutely love that there is no use of tinsel whatsoever, just beautiful, clean lines.

  • Sadia says:

    I like both on Facebook

  • Sharmina Zaidi says:

    Assalaamoalaikum! I love modernEid and This Little Life of Mine! I saw the Eid decor – AWESOME! I always try to get the kids excited about Eid. There’s so much out there for them to get distracted by – Halloween, Christmas, Valentines. So whatever I can do to make Eid more appealing to them, I do. We have a lot of extended family near by, so we could use the decor. I’m sure everyone would love it. I like both the Arabesque and the Mod. I love blues and greens, but because of the weather and fall colors, I think I’d go with the Arabesque, Insha Allah! Jazak Allahu Khairan for your hard work!

  • Umm Madiha says:

    I like ModernEid & This Little Life of Mine on Facebook.

    I would choose Arabesque 🙂

  • ASA, I love the Arabesque line. While I currently make handmade Eid cards that I sell on my own site: http://www.zibbet.com/acraftyarab, I would love to decorate the house to celebrate Eid with my three daughters.
    Jazakallah Khair

  • I have liked both ModernEid & This Little Life of Mine on Facebook.

  • Samia says:

    Growing up in the U.S. in the late 80’s, Eid was something that I looked forward to every year because of the overflow of love, family and gifts. While material wealth was not in abundance, a strong feeling of community was. Now I feel that as people have accumulated more wealth, they’ve grown apart, either in emotions or physical distance, and Muslim children have gravitated towards wanting to celebrate the holidays of others. As Muslims, it is imperative that we continue to show our children how important (and fun) our holidays can be.

    The Mod design by ModernEid would totally help me towards reaching that goal. I have never been able to find any Eid decorations where I live, much less the beautiful and classy items that ModernEid provides. ModernEid’s products would definitely leave an impressionable impact on the children and adults that visit me this upcoming Eid.

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