Coloring Once a Year

Almost a year ago, I saw an adorable idea on Handmade Beginnings.  You give your child the same image to color every year around the same time.  I saw the idea in March, found an image (via an Etsy seller that has now closed shop) I liked in April, my in-laws came in May and the rest is history.  I just now finally got around to starting this.  Stinks that I missed out on one year. 

I knew that I wanted nesting dolls, but couldn’t find any coloring pages that were just right. I found an image through an Etsy seller that was actually selling stamped tags.  She stamped and enlarged them for me.  Unfortunately they were still smaller than the 5×7 I was hoping for.  Since we finally (!!) got a copier/printer/scanner/toaster, I was able to enlarge the images myself. First I went over the lines with a Sharpie to give me a more defined picture, scanned it and then boosted the contrast to make sure it was only black and white without any fuzzy gray areas.  With trial and error and a whole lot of ink and paper later, I ended up with an image that was closer to 8×10.   Oh well.

Thank you Eva for passing along this wonderful project. 

Contemplating her next color decision.

Final product.

See, stuck in 3rd grade.

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