Creative Eid Gift Sets

I love when Eid rolls around and it’s time to pick out gifts for the kids in our family.   This year, one family had moved away while another family moved back to California.  The number of kids remained the same but the age groups were dramatically different.  Instead of four children under the age of seven, we have four children over the age of ten. This posed an exciting new challenge of finding age appropriate gifts that they would like.

Since this particular family had lived away from us for so long, I had no idea what the girls likes and dislikes were.  At a family iftar – Ramadan dinner – one night, I decided to just flat out interview them.  As ‘tween girls I had an idea of what direction I wanted to go with their gifts, I just needed a little insight on their favorite things. A peek into their rooms also gave me a couple of clues to their personalities.

While I was taking notes on their gifts, I decided to get some feedback from the rest of the kids on what types of gifts they would like to receive this year.  Seriously, if you are ever stuck on what to get a child, just ask them.  Some were very specific listing “sharks, whales, and ships” while another just kept answering “pink”.  I also noted every one’s favorite candy or snack.  I figure since it’s the Eid they deserved an extra special treat.

As a group, we all purchase gifts for each of the kids on Eid.  We all set a particular budget for ourselves.  I like to stick to $20 per child.  While it gets pricey especially when everything is purchased at one time, my husband and I like to make the Eid a special and exciting time for the kids.

“Sharks, Whales, and Ships” Eid Gift Set

I found majority of the items for this set at Michael’s unless otherwise noted.

  • Giant under the sea floor puzzle – used my 40% off coupon
  • Shark skeleton wood puzzle
  • Two paint and build yourself ships
  • Sea creature facts place-mat
  • Stuffed whale – Dollar Tree
  • Fave snack: Fruit snacks – tucked inside of the rolled place-mat
  • “Gift box” Blue magazine holder – Big Lots

Budding Artist Eid Gift Set

This recipient was very clear that she wanted anything and everything to do with art, specifically painting.

  • Set of 3 flat canvases – Big Lots
  • 10 craft paints – Michaels
  • Mini easel – Micheals
  • Paint tray – Michaels
  • Sketch pad – local dollar store
  • Paint brushes – Dollar Tree
  • Fave candy: Hershey’s cookies ‘n cream
  • “Gift box” Cute storage for supplies – Ross

Pink Eid Gift Set

When asked what she likes, she answered “pink”.  When asked what she wants, she answered “pink”.  Needless to say I didn’t need to ask her favorite color.

  • Pink dress – Ross
  • Pink frame with gold crown – Ross
  • Pink glittery bedtime stories for girls – Ross
  • Pink mini frame – local dollar store
  • Pink flower and bead hair ties – local dollar store
  • Pink Mike and Ike candies
  • “Gift box” Pink plastic tub – Rite Aid

Tween Girls Eid Gift Set

I think these were by far my favorite to put together.  They were a lot of fun to shop for and the girls loved them. Yay!  In one of their rooms they had a single thing posted up on the wall, so I wanted to give them a place to put their notes and magazine clippings.  They also had a ton of pictures on their headboards so I wanted to provide a place to display photos too. Since these were given to sisters, I kept the sets similar but custom to each girl’s personality.

  • Padded bulletin boards – Michaels
  • Text message lingo buttons – Michaels
  • Wall decals (two sets each, one design, one with letters) – Dollar Tree
  • Jewel photo clips – Ross (came in a set of 4)
  • Necklace – Forever 21
  • Set of Earrings – Forever 21
  • Zebra frame – Ross
  • Striped green frame – Target
  • Pink floral frame (previously ivory, thank you spray paint) – Target
  • Giant paper clips and push pins – local dollar store
  • Fave candy: Sour Patch Kids and Jolly Ranchers

There was another gift set but I didn’t get a picture of it.  The girl had requested all things Tinkerbell.  At the Disney store I found a few great items, all on sale, including an artist set that came in a reusable plastic case, a big bowl with removable dome that I filled with Hershey Kisses (her fave candy), and a sparkly place-mat that could be hung in her room if she wished.

I’m really happy with the way everyone’s gifts turned out this Eid.  Not sure how I’ll top the tween gift sets in a couple of months for the next Eid.  Just might have to start brainstorming, and do a little bit more interviewing, from now.


  • Wow, the gifts look wonderful.. no doubt the kids loved them! 🙂

    • Amnah says:

      Thank you! Yes, Alhamdulilah they did so it made the whole experience worth while.

  • Humaira says:

    Your Eid gift sets are always so creative and inspiring Mashallah! I wish we had kids closer to us and I had enough money to gift my cousins some great Eid gifts, but In Shaa Allah, I’ll get a chance soon enough.

    • Amnah says:

      While growing up we were usually given money as kids. There was only one Eid (while we were living in another state) that I received a gift. That Eid stands out in my memory more than any other Eid. I hope the memories of Eid will stand out in my children and cousin’s memories. InshaAllah you will be around family soon to celebrate with them!

  • Iffat says:

    You put so much thought in to your gifts its lovely im exactly the same i put lots of thought and focus on the little details and i love it when people appreciate my effort.

    I have some friends who are so unimaginative its shocking, i suppose its a gift you either have it or you dont lol x

    • Amnah says:

      Agreed Iffat! Love is in the details!

      Sometimes people aren’t willing to put in a little extra effort because they think kids just won’t know the difference or care either way. I think it’s quite the opposite. Kids notice e v e r y t h i n g.

  • Sura says:

    i LOVE this idea! I’m actually making gift sets this Eid for my nieces and nephews…I just think they will like it more than money…..thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Amnah says:

      Yay! I’m glad you like them. I agree, actual gifts are more interesting than money. Just a little bit of investigating an thought go a long way. Hope you have success with your gift sets.

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