Went to bed last night a little drained and woke up to find myself completely out of it. Worse still was that my baby woke up with a fever. So me and my little monster have been knocked out on the couch all day sniffling and snuggling. And watching the most random television shows reminding why I’m not into TV. (Outrageous Kid Parties? Seriously? One mom dropped 33k which I think she should have used on a kitchen renovation. Eh, whatever…)

For the past few weeks I’ve been going through the house for some pre-spring cleaning. Every room, closet, drawer, corner. Nothing has been safe. More on all this later, but I think all that de-cluttering is what lead me here. On the couch. With my head feeling like it weighs 50 pounds and my limbs made of noodles.

But I’m grateful for the downtime. I can’t remember the last time I actually just lounged on the sofa. Maysoon sleeping across my chest all day has been super rewarding. She’s almost two and I can hardly remember the newborn that just laid in my arms full of content. Now it’s go, go, go! Guess her little body needed some downtime too. Crib climbing ain’t easy, ya know?

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  • C says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum

    Get better 🙂 My daughter is almost two, too and all over the place.I guess you can't use the crib as a prison eh?

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