Eid Mubarak

Recovering from our first family Eid trip. Be back soon to update on that.
Hope you and your families enjoyed your Eid.

Thank goodness for self-timers. Even if Maysoon isn’t looking.


  • Iman says:

    Cute! (I thought I told you No, on the purple tights. You say I'm your best friend. Best friends don't let best friends put purple tights on their daughters for the sake of matching.)
    Next time listen to me.
    Forgive and forget.

  • redhum says:

    The cuteness! Mashallah they look adorable and you've updated the pics on the sidebar as well!

  • Amnah says:

    Whatever Iman, the purple tights were so cute on her!!

    Thanks redhum 🙂

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Eid Mubarak!

Kul sana wa into salmeen sistas! :o)

Actually made it to Salah (prayer) on time which is very rare for us. There were a TON of people Mashallah.

After prayer we headed to Stacks. Mmmmmmmm! Then we headed home and opened some gifts.

Eid mubarak from mine to yours :o) Love you guys!


  • iman says:

    Love the crotch shot in the first pic, Rami needs to learn to smile, you looks super cute (love the top) and Jenin… I'm pre baking the oven now :)~

  • Affnan says:

    lol iman ur so funny
    all that for jenin
    image when u have TWO

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Eid Mubarak

This Eid was technically Jenin’s first Eid. Her very first one she was 2 months old. We were both too exhausted to get dressed, head out in the cold, and search 30 minutes for parking. Eid #2 she had a high fever and got her first tooth. Yay!
So this Eid, her third, was really her first. She got to wear a new dress and go to salah. She loved it. You should have seen her running all over the convention center. After salah we went over to Stacks. Yum, yum, yum. JJ got her very own order. Scrambled eggs with fruit. Majority of it ended up on the floor.

Once we finished eating, we headed home to open gifts. I video taped all that action, so no pictures for that.
Later that night we went to Chuck E. Cheese with Amjad and Cindy. It was also Jenin’s first time there and she was totally feeling the whole thing.

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