Eid Treat Bags: Sweet and Simple

This Eid my husband was out of town, 3 weeks total, and I was to fend for myself with three young children alone on the Eid.  I survived.  Someone give me a t-shirt.

Every Eid brings about a new style of Eid treat bag. Given the circumstances, I kept the bags just as I said, sweet and simple.  A couple of chocolate coins (which I’ve always wanted to include), a punching balloon which was the highlight of the last Eid treat bags, a bouncy ball, and some alphabet stickers.  That’s it.  All packaged up in mini black bags with gold ribbon.  A little nod towards the Kaa’ba.

The older kids got their chocolate wrapped million dollar bars.

The tiniest ones of the bunch got adorable mini giraffes and a punch balloon.


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