Eid Treat Bags

This Eid I decided to make treat bags for all of the little kids in our family.  It’s something that has definitely been done before but I wanted to put my spin on it.

Start with lots of goodies:

Glowsticks (the kids loved these; 15 sticks for $1), Play-doh (pack of 24 on clearance after Christmas), chalk (pack of 50 on clearance), silly straws (pack of 8 on clearance for 50 cents), stickers, silly bands (24 pack on clearance for $1), a balloon, and of course candy (but not a lot).
To make: 
I took simple white lunch bags (50 for $1.30 versus 10 colored bags for $1.50) and stamped them with a star and crescent. Then I stapled the filled bags closed with festive ribbon. (I tied the smaller strips together to make sure they didn’t come loose after being stapled.) I had taken this idea from my sister Iman when she had done the same at her youngest daughter’s aqiqah, a Muslim ceremony performed after a child’s birth. I also did this for Jenin’s first birthday for the favor bags. It’s very fast, affordable, and easy.

It was still light out so the kids all squeezed into the laundry room to enjoy their glow sticks. 


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