Eid Treat Bags 2

The good thing about being a recovering shopaholic is that you’re left with a stash full of things.  That stash comes in mighty handy when you’re notified of a last minute Eid party at school the next day.  I dug into my cabinet and pulled out some goodies to put into bags for J’s Sunday school class. 

Love the little tags.

Jenin’s fake smile.  This girl cracks me up.
The Eid bags for our close friends and family included items from “the stash” as well as some recent purchases just to spruce up the bags a bit.  I went with the same style bags as last Eid with the addition of “Eid Mubarak” written on by my ever so dearest, Nada. More about these bags soon.

 All the loot.

A gorgeous, genuine smile.

 Filled with fun.

Girly bags.

 Boyish bags.

Lots and lots of curls.

Dressed up in her gift that she got from the last Eid ready to deliver the goody bags to her friends and cousins. Who taught her how to pose like this?

Maysoon digging in to her bag also dressed in her gift from last Eid.  Jenin got the same one for her birthday. They’re cute little outfits that come with matching mini dresses for their dolls. 

Glad to report that the kids enjoyed their bags.  I love that this is only the second time I do this and it’s already become a fun and exciting tradtion for the kids.  Is it too early to start considering next year’s bags?


  • Hum says:

    Wow, you always inspire me to reach higher in terms of gift giving but then I kinda get distracted by something shiny so I live vicariously through you!

    Good idea about the stash though. Sadly, all the kids in this house are all grown up and my cousins live too far away for me to spoil them. But if I had kids coming on Eid, this is fab for ideas!

  • Unaiza says:

    Assalamualaikum 🙂

    Your eid treat bad ideas are inspiring!! <3 😀 I was considering doing the same for this eid inshaAllah, for my nieces and nephews! Since I didn't buy them gifts for their bdays coz I stopped celebarating them I thought I'll buy specific gifts for each, but I am afraid that they might start fighting over whose gifts is the best! :/ So I guess I should just stick to something common for everyone! Alhumdulillah your posts gave me a better idea on what I could get them!

    By the way going through your eid posts I realised there were 2 post on eid gifts.. One on these treat bags and the other were the creative eid gift sets! What is the difference between them .. I mean are the treats meant for people in family and the other one for a different set of kids?

  • Nishi says:

    Beautiful treat bags! I live in Canada…any suggestion on what kinds of bags or containers would serve as a nice treat bag/box for Indian sweets? I like the idea of dressing up a white lunch bag as you had in 1 one of your posts but I also want some alternatives because that could be a lot of work for 50+ people.

    Thanks– and keep it up!

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