est. 2005

During all the sickness, carpet cleaning drama, and regular daily stress, I took a much needed crafting break.  I just needed some sort of mental release from it all. I had a 12×12 canvas that I had picked up from Big Lots for $5. I originally got it to try out an idea that I’ve been storing away in my head. I found an old book at the thrift store called “A Book of Hugs” that has really great black and white drawings of various hugs. I wanted to mount them onto a cute scrapbook paper and then onto the canvases to hang in the girls’ room.

Well I soon found out that the canvas wasn’t exactly 12×12 and slightly lopsided.  So I went in an entirely different direction and made this sign instead.

I simply cut the paper down to a smaller size and painted the border and edges of the canvas.  I didn’t mind the brush strokes or that a bit of the white was showing through.  It looks a bit exaggerated here because of the light coming in from behind it. I used various white scrapbook stickers that I’ve had laying around.  I brushed the whole thing with a layer of Mod Podge, and voila! 

This was really easy and worked on taking my mind off of things even if it was only for a short time.  This whole project only took about half an hour. 

$5 Big Lots 12×12 canvas
1 sheet of Amy Butler paper from a pack
Various scrapbook stickers
Some craft paint
A bit of Mod Podge


  • PaintLover says:

    I really like that! I might have to give it a try myself! I always have loved that shade of yellow.

    The pears in the background are gorgeous!

  • Amnah says:

    It really is easy PaintLover. You can make it as elaborate or simple as you like.

    Thanks 🙂 I love my pears too. I had a little heavy metal one that my daughter broke the stem off of. One day I'll glue it back on.

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