Family Room Gallery Wall

In a moment of panic last month, thinking I had gone into labor, I whipped out a hammer and nails.  For months I had been wanting to put up a gallery style display on the wall in my family room/kitchen area.  The tapestry that was there had been moved to the living room above the mantel leaving this wall totally bare.  It drove me nuts.  I had a super long to-do list to complete before the baby arrived and this was right there at the top.

It’s a very eclectic mix of things.  Very much my style.  I’m not crazy about matchy-matchy totally symmetrical displays.  This reflects my personality much better.  Laid back, casual, and a bit funky.

I picked up the “4” from a flea market in Alameda on the day I met Eddie Ross.  With the addition of Zaynab, I need to swap it for a 5.  The “j” hung in Jenin’s nursery when she was a baby and was then transferred to her room in this home.  I like the playfulness of a lowercase monogram.  The Jafar Family sign was made a couple years back.  I tease my husband all the time for having the last name of a Disney villain. He used to get offended at first until he watched Alladin and figured out why.  The rose painting was done by Haji Noor Deen, who is an incredible calligrapher and artist.  I picked it up recently from Barakah Life’s farewell sale.  (Sad for Barakah Life’s end, Happy for Khadija’s new beginnings.) Written on the side is something about increasing one’s knowledge.  I can’t remember exactly. Mommy brain, ha!

I found a set of wall decals at Homegoods that came in these colorful and fun patterns.  I declared them my Eid gift to myself last year and picked them up.  I framed them in super simple (and cheap) frames from Michaels. 

Also from the Barakah Life sale, I scooped up this empty frame.  It was free, how could I resist?  I knew I could do something with it and sure enough I did.  I stapled a few strips of ribbon to the back so that I can clip things up.  It’s really simple and I love being able to swap things out easily. The framed Moroccan tile postcard, also from Barakah Life’s sale.  

I’m loving the home of my framed decal.  It was my starting point for the whole wall.

My girls love to read. Makes my heart sing every time I see them with a book.

I played with a bunch of different placements on the floor, snapping pictures of each one and sending them to my sister.  None of them felt right.  It felt forced and just didn’t look good.  I put everything away a little disappointed.  When I thought I was in labor, everything went up effortlessly.  I need to add a lamp, swap out the 4, and maybe bring the j in closer.  Other than that, I love it.  My girls love it.  It’s so cute when they get excited about changes in the house.  Shows me that they’re paying attention.

Huge thank you to my sister Iman who generously gave me her rug from her old playroom.  She moved overseas to Malaysia and I got to keep a bunch of her cute stuff.


  • anon says:

    Aw, you must really miss your sister, I remember reading about your adventures in Bellingham? Your wall is very funky and chic. 🙂

    • Amnah says:

      I totally miss her 🙁 It’s hard not being able to speak to my best friend everyday.

      Thanks for your compliments about my wall 🙂

  • eman says:

    I agree with anon your wall is funky and chic 🙂 If I want to do the same on my wall my kids will drop every thing down 😉 because they love to explore and they just want to figure out how is the frame is hanging on the wall so NO HOPE 🙁

    • Amnah says:

      Eman, my girls have certainly messed with the things on the wall. Luckily I’ve hung them sturdy enough (I think) to avoid anything falling down.

  • Jinan says:


  • Susu says:

    You are creative. No doubt about it! Good job. I’m making some canvas wall frames today. I hope they will be as good as your. I’ll try to post pictures on my blog.

    • Amnah says:

      Thank you! I’m sure they’ll be great. I’ll stop by your blog to check them out.

  • Shahirah says:

    Love it! The room look so cosy and inviting.

  • Sana M. says:

    I love it Amnah! Masha Allah. I’ve always wanted to have a display with a ‘Q’ in it (For Quadri, and because I love Q’s) but I was always scoffed at! Now I know I can do it.. 🙂 now, where to find a q?? ….

    • Amnah says:

      Thank you Sana! Don’t listen to them! You have to do what you love because it is your house afterall 🙂 Check Marshalls, TjMaxx, Homegoods, or Anthropologie for a Q.

  • _SouSou_ says:

    Salam ‘alaikoum sister!

    I like your wall! macha Allah…

    I’d like to ask you please where can i found fabrics like your pillows ???… I’ve surching on the net and nothing … can you help me Jazakillah!

    See you soon inchAllah!

    • Amnah says:

      Thank you! The three pillows on the left (two blue, one brown) were purchased from Target. The ones on the right were from my sister. The quilted pillow was purchased from a farmer’s market. I do not know all of the fabrics used, but I believe one of them is Amy Butler. The green trellis is Waverly Fabrics. Good luck with your fabric search!

  • _SouSou_ says:

    Salam ‘alaikoum !

    Thank you Amnah! I’m gonna take a look on the site of Amy Butler and Wavelry Fabrics inchAllah …

    Here in Brussel we don’t have beautyfull fabrics like those! …
    And in Morocco i never find fabrics like your pillows ..

    I like!!! macha Allah

    See you inchAllah sister!

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