For The Love of Blogging and a Top Award

When I began blogging, my audience consisted of my two older sisters. I had to nag them to check my blog after I updated because they never remembered on their own. “Did you see it? What did you think? Isn’t that picture so cute?”

As I became more comfortable with my blog, it didn’t matter whether anyone was reading it or not. Not much of a scrap booker  , I enjoyed looking back on old posts and seeing things we had done or what J had said.  Being a visual person, my blog became the perfect journal of our everyday. It began to shift as I found blogs that inspired me to try new recipes and attempt projects.   I began jotting down notes about topics, recipes, crafts and anything else I felt would be good to blog about. As I became more committed to it, my family also became quite involved. J would ask me if I wanted to take a picture of her snack before she started eating. Rami would wonder when his next appearance in a post would be.  My little blog began to grow as I continued to blog regularly.  It became something I enjoyed. Really, really enjoyed.

The relationships that have come from the community of blogs I visit and those that comment here is something I truly cherish.  I’ve made connections with people across the world that I would have never have knew existed if it weren’t for our blogs.  I love blogging and I love my readers.

It was with great surprise when I was named one of the top ten Muslim mom blogs.  What?  Little ol’ me?  The one that started her blog just because her older sister had one and being the typical little sister, had to have one too.  I am floored. I am honored. has all the details of how each blog was chosen as well as the full list of the top 50.

I would like to thank each and every single one of my readers visiting my blog and making this possible.  I know that my blog has been lacking lately and I apologize. The transition from Blogger to WordPress has not gone as smoothly as I had hoped.  I’m constantly told that once everything is back to normal that it’ll be the best thing for my blog, which means an even better experience for you.

Being awarded this top honor of being named one of the top ten Muslim mom blogs has already opened a new and exciting opportunity for me.  Ponn Sabra, of has invited me to be a monthly contributor to her incredibly successful (MashaAllah!) site along with other top Muslim Mom bloggers!  I’m very eager to be a part of that and thankful for her continued support of my blog.  Meet my fellow contributors here.

Again thank you, dear readers, for bringing me to where I am now.


  • so fantastic girly! congrats! love your blog~

  • Saman says:

    Your blog is so creative! I just happened to find you as I was researching the Sam’n Iqbal Islamic alphabet book! I’m glad I found you and I hope that inshallah our blog (we just started a week ago!) will be as cool as yours! Oh and yeah I bug my sisters too, isn’t that what sisters are for?

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