Forest Research Institute Malaysia

I consider myself the outdoors-y type.  I love all things natural and green.  I’m always up for a good hike. I enjoy taking in God’s splendor while getting a good workout in the process.  FRIM offered a great opportunity to take a hike and take on an amazing canopy walk above the trees.

The girls were good sports during the almost hour long hike.  Z was passed around to help ease the load as we ascended the mountain.  Once we reached the top of the trail that leads to the canopy walk, we took the opportunity to relax by a waterfall and splash around a bit.  After a bit of a rest, my girls were handed over to my {super awesome} brother-in-law so that we could continue on to the canopy walk.

The walkway system consisted of thin wooden planks atop metal ladders strung together with rope.  And some netting.  Looked sketchy.  And yet I still went forth.  It was terrifically terrifying at times and death-defying scary, the rest.  I lived to tell/blog about it.  There should be t-shirts for this sort of thing.

frim stone work

FRIM hike

FRIM canopy walk 2


FRIM canopy walk

Hiking with Shahirah of Colours of My Life blog.

Hiking with Shahirah of Colours of My Life blog.


FRIM waterfall

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