Glitter Chicken

Don’t mind me, that’s just an inside joke that I shared with Eddie Ross. Oh yeah, you read that right.  Eddie. Ross.  I bet you didn’t know I hung out with celebrities.

A while back Iman was telling me that Eddie Ross was going to be at the Alameda flea market in December. “Sweet, I’m so there!” Well Miss Iman blogged about Mr. Eddie Ross a few weeks ago and he commented! To say I was jealous is an understatement.  It made me more determined to get to the flea market to meet him. 

I arrived late by the flea market’s standards (11:30 am).  I had no idea where to even start looking.  I kept repeating in my head “look for the crowd, look for the crowd.”  I worked my way through the aisles with my eyes wide open. I noticed a group of people all facing one way. “What in the world are they looking at?” 


I found him! It was like a much better dressed version of “Where’s Waldo.” I was insanely excited and smiling like a total fool. I was also obnoxiously snapping pictures to the point where Eddie noticed.
See, what Iman failed to mention was that Eddie was going to be giving a paid guided tour of the flea market giving shopping advice.  I would have known that if I had read it on his site.  But I’m guilty of always taking in all the gorgeous eye candy on his site. He posts such beautiful pictures of his work. With my girls, sometimes all I can do is take in the pics before I have to tend to some mom duties. This is my recent fave:
He bought this blanket from the 20s from the Goodwill in San Francisco for under five bucks! I must admit I will now venture into the blanket department to see if I can score such a fabulous find too. But who am I kidding, I am no Eddie Ross.
When I got there he was talking about pulling paint colors (Benjamin Moore, to be exact) from art that you love.  He also recommended using unique pieces and not just anything you can find at a big box store that anyone and everyone can get. Sorry Target. Still love you though. The booth he was standing at was selling really great pages from hundred year old books.
Afterwards there was picture taking and lots of smiles. Everyone was really excited to be in his presence.  You could almost feel the design expertise in the air.  He was totally down to earth and took the time to really talk to people individually. It was awesome.
The crowed dispersed and I went on my way.  I didn’t really have anything in mind that I wanted to buy.  I knew I wanted a little something to remember the experience by. You know, like: “Oh that? I bought that the day I met Eddie Ross.” 
Daguerreotypes. I wanted one of these so bad when I learned about them in my Photo history class.
Vintage yellow and gray tablecloth.   Gold shoes?  Red Brownie?  Kodak came out with colors for the Brownie cameras to appeal to women. Or at least that’s what I remember hearing in my class.
Maysoon was sleeping the entire time. Maybe dreaming about redoing her nursery.  The kettle corn was so good.  It warmed me up a bit on that super chilly morning. 
I searched and searched and searched.  I finally decided I would just buy the pages that Eddie was using as examples.  When I got back to the booth I thought maybe that would be too stalkerish. I decided on a fun little apple print instead. I totally love it.  I also found some really great fabric that I felt had a bit of a Jonathan Adler vibe to it.
I got the chance to meet to really nice ladies with really great blogs that you should totally check out while I was there.
Reichel of Copy Cat Chic and Cindy of My Romantic Home
Fine, I’ll fill you in on the joke: on Martha Stewart’s website, the most searched items are “glitter” and “chicken” so Eddie thought it would be great if someone started a blog called “Glitter Chicken.”


  • Iman says:


    p.s.Love the fabric and apple print! And what will you do with that 4 when your family becomes a 5!?!

  • eddieross says:

    You are so sweet! love the picture of the baby and the popcorn!

  • oyhabibti says:

    I can't believe I haven't heard of this man before. But I am certainly hooked on his methods though, just after one post. And using a tartan blanket as a tablecloth? Okay, you just can't beat that idea, esp considering how flippin' expensive tablecloths are these days.

    Thanks Amnah, this post made me want to move to San Fran!

    Glitter chicken! LOL!

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