Haute Hijab 2011 Fall Launch Preview

Hijabi clothing has come a long way since I first started wearing hijab.  I remember many Muslimahs sporting men’s dress shirts because they would be modest and cover our back sides.  Lots of ill fitting, not particularly fashionable things going on back in the days.

What were we to do?   We didn’t have the gorgeous options then that we do today.  And ladies, the options just became a whole lot more gorgeous.

Announcing the 2011 Fall launch of the Haute Hijab  fashion clothing line.  Famous for their lovely vintage scarves, Haute Hijab has now ventured into hijab clothing in an incredibly sophisticated way “with an edge for confident women who love taking fashion risks.” Amen sister. 

Here’s an exclusive preview of what you can expect on Tuesday, September 20 when the stunning line is launched.

Yes, please!

Look at that collar!

Beautiful details.


So smart.

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Which piece are you looking forward to the most?


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