I Talk Too Much

My posts have been way too wordy lately.  I talk too much.  Talking too much becomes typing too much.  I just want to make sure I explain myself and all… see, I’m doing it again.

I talk too much in person too.  Like in real life.  I don’t live inside the internet. Though if I did, you’d find me comfortably living, eating, and crafting at Pinterest.  Seriously though, some of those pins make me wonder if people truly do live, eat, and craft that way.  Awesome stuff going down over there. I digress.

My posts have been heavy with words and emotions.  I think I’m ready to lighten up.  Less words, more pictures maybe?  Not for all my posts, just a couple. Just to prove that I’m still here, alive in the real world, doing my thing.

I’ve been making things I’ve seen on Pinterest.

Went on a field trip.

Made me feel bad that I enjoy watching Swamp People. I only watch for Troy.

Little Z is getting a haircut soon.  And by “haircut” I mean “shaving her head completely”. Homegirl has some weird hair patches going on. 

I’ve been working out on and off.  I jinxed myself when I mentioned that the last time I worked out two weeks straight was in high school.  I haven’t worked out three consecutive days since that discovery.

I almost started a vegetable garden.  Then my mom pointed out that my “perfect location” was “not that great”.  This was after I bought all the supplies.  I was embarrassed to explain to the returns clerk. Luckily, she had the same problem.  Dear 1970s home developers and landscapers, I wish you didn’t plant acidic trees all over the neighborhood.  Signed, Renter from the future.

I’ve been updating my Facebook page regularly if you all want to keep up with me there between blog pauses. 

I have so many things I want to blog about and the only way I’m going to get that accomplished is if I stop talking and start doing.


  • Fadwa says:

    So…is that an invite over. Apparently, I am officially the baby head shaver 🙂 just make some yummy treats!

  • Mona says:

    Pinterest is so wonderful/addictive. Z looks so much like Maysoon here!

  • If says:

    I have the same problem with the talking, why say it in a sentence when you can use enough words for a paragraph haha. Glad your blogging more and I do have a little nose on your facebook page.

  • Alejandra says:

    Yeah, I’m also quite chatty in real life.

    Pinterest is addicting, but I don’t know where people have the time, money, or energy to do half the stuff on there!

  • oumhamna says:

    Asalam’aleykoum sister, I just discovered your blog and it’s just wonderful.All Your pictures are simply beautiful!

  • azshab says:

    I too can be a chat monster sometimes… I love the blog update ! we all have blogopauses some longer than others … but it does happen !!! keep up the good work and by the way – the garden post made me crack up- it also reminds me of my hand sanitizer refund youre lucky that lady had the same issue …. the cservice guy looked @ me as if i was crazy held the change out and said ”1.75” and just looked @ me !……. Ma’salaama !

  • Omee says:

    What is it that you are working on? Please share. Your baby is so cute 🙂

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