Little Guy, Big News

For a long time I searched for a Muslim mom voice in the blogosphere.  I never found anything that clicked 100%, so I changed the direction of my own personal blog to fit that bill. I wanted to create a place for like minded Muslim moms to come and have a person to relate to and connect with. Soon moms from all over the globe were contacting me and I quickly realized it’s a small world after all.  The blogosphere had a new Muslim Mom blogger voice, albeit a tiny one. What I didn’t realize was that some pretty big ears were listening.

Every now and then, the circle of life (children/home/husband) would cause my blogging to pause. “You threw off my groove!”,  I’d want to say.  But I’d pick up where I left off because I knew I had to just keep swimming.  As my readers, you were coming back around because you all knew you had a friend in me.

News reveal

I’ve had very big goals and dreams for this little life (and blog) of mine. They say a dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep. While visiting my sister in Malaysia recently, I woke up one morning to the most magical news.  I read and re-read my email. Was I still dreaming?

The opportunity presented a whole new world to me. I was overcome with an indescribable feeling.   I worked very hard to reach this point so I was thrilled to be recognized.  Yet I wondered if little ‘ol me be able to take this on? I knew I had to be brave and go for it. Hakuna matata!!

Presenting, the big news:

disney baby contributor

I am now a contributor for!  {squeal!} Certainly you picked up on all the Disney references above.

First and foremost, all praise is due to God.  Without Him, none of this would have been possible. The one who constantly bestows more blessings on me than I deserve. Second, thank you to my friends and family that supported this blog from when it was just an itty-bitty site all through to what it is now. Thank you, thank you, thank you my readers! Your constant feedback, encouragement, and camaraderie keeps me here. Connecting with mothers from around the world – from South Africa to Malaysia, Jordan to Canada – gave me a chance to express myself to an audience that I knew would “get me”.  Thank you.

“Thank you,” I answered, unsure of the proper American response to her gracious enthusiasm. In the Arab world, gratitude is a language unto itself. “May Allah bless the hands that give me this gift”, “Beauty is in your eyes that find me pretty”; “May God extend your life”; “May Allah never deny your prayer;” “May the next meal you cook for us be in celebration of your son’s wedding… of your daughter’s graduation… your mother’s recovery’; and so on, an infinite string of prayful appreciation.  Coming from such a culture, I have always found a mere “thank you” an insufficient expression that makes my voice sound miserly and ungrateful.

– excerpt from Mornings In Jenin



  • Fida I says:

    I’ve been lurking on your blog instead of commenting, yet I just wanted to say congrats!! And I love the excerpt you chose (-:

    • Amnah says:

      Thank you Fida! Lurk no more, my dear. I always love to hear from my readers 🙂

  • Lacy says:

    Welcome to the team! So excited to have you on board.


  • Tina Saib says:

    Congratulations!!!! Great news. I wish you the best.

  • Mona says:

    Amnah, this is amazing! A million congratulations! You deserve it!

  • Humaira says:

    Amnah, I am so happy for you! Mabrook!

  • A long time ago when I met you I knew that one day you’d make it! I’m so happy for you!!!

    • Amnah says:

      Awwww, thank you Amanda! You’ve been a great help and an awesome inspiration!

  • Nada says:

    I am so proud of you! I love reading your blogs! May you continue be successful and bless all your days in this new journey!!!!

    • Amnah says:

      Alhamdulilah, thank you Nada! Thank you for always standing by me and supporting me!

  • Laila Khan says:

    Mabrook- Mash’Allah sooooooooooooooo proud of you and a great example for all of us. When you pursue what you love, GREAT things happen. May this be the beginning of all thse great things, insha-Allah! xoxo

    • Amnah says:

      Laila, your words of encouragement really touched me! Thank you so much for believing in me and my little ‘ol blog.

  • Hanifa says:

    super FAB Amnah! So happy and incredibly excited for you and the family!!

  • sumaiyya rahman says:

    SO awesome. 🙂

  • HijabiMommy says:

    Congratulations Amnah! How amazing!

  • If says:

    Wow congratulations Amnah, insha’Allah you will do a fabulous job,im not a mom but I have followed your blog for soooo long now its one of the first blogs I came across and I cant tell you how much I enjoy it. May Allah (swt) give you the ability to gain more success and help and represent the ummah in a manor that is pleasing to him 😉

    • Amnah says:

      Thank you so much If! It means a lot to me that I can appeal to everyone and not just moms 🙂 My goal for my blog is to be something that’s beneficial to many. Thank you for sticking by me and being a reader. I appreciate it!

  • jenin says:

    I hope you enjoy bloging about disney baby .com. Do you like disney baby .com?
    you should blog about me when I was born.If you love Zaynab than you love
    Disney baby. com

    • Amnah says:

      My sweet baby girl! Thank you for your comment! You worked so hard on typing this comment by yourself. I’m so proud of you. One day you will grow up to be a great writer. I love you! I will definitely blog about you! 🙂

  • Manija Ansari says:

    Mashallah!!!!!!!!! Mabrook Amna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so so excited for you and making us all proud. You deserve this!

  • Z says:

    Not a mom yet (hell, not even married) but I love your posts and the insights you give into the daily lives of you and your little family. I’ve tried almost all your recipes, a personal favorite are the peanut butter cookies that last one, sometimes two days tops in my home. May Allah take your blogging endeavors from strength to strength, and grant your family an abundance of love, happiness, laughter and contentment.

    A South African fan.

    • Amnah says:

      Z, your comment means so much to me! I love knowing that you reference my blog for recipes so regularly. I’ll try to post more! Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and for your prayers. Sending ya a cyber hug all the way to South Africa 🙂

  • Daood abu Jacoob says:


  • Feda says:

    Mashallah, congratulations. I have been following your blog for a while now, all the way from Australia, and have really appreciated the voice you have give to the Muslim woman as spiritual, intelligent and charismatic. Jazakillahu khayran 🙂

  • Shareen says:

    Asalamu alkum I love your blogs ! I always wanted to start my own but feel like its too late since there’s so much people blogging i say who’s going read mine LoL. Since reading this I really want to try to pursue it In Sha Allah ! Mabrook and may Allah swt increase your page in more blessings Ameen 🙂

    • Amnah says:

      Salaams Shareen, it’s never too late!! I originally started my blog for my sisters to see pictures of my oldest daughter who was a baby at the time. It grew from there! Go for it! It’s a wonderful creative outlet as well as a great way to preserve memories and moments. Good luck!

  • Norizzah says:


  • Mama says:

    A salami alikum Amnah im sooooooo proud of you may Allah answer all you’re prayer.

  • How exciting! A blog friend recommended your blog and I was so happy to discover another cooking/crafting mamma in SF. I’m looking forward to reading and following your journey 🙂

    • Amnah says:

      Thank you! You’re in SF?! Awesome! Maybe we can meet one day 🙂 Your blog is amazing! So many recipes I want to try, like right now.

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