Love, Renewed


I gasped as we sped down the street, quickly passing an upside down Eames style chair. “What’s wrong?” my husband wondered. “I want that chair!” I replied. “It’ll just end up in the garage or the side of the house.” I smiled because my husband knew me too well.

In those quick seconds I saw a cozy new chair for my new craft space. A seat of my own for my special corner of the house. Maybe I’d paint it turquoise or yellow. It would need a cute pillow for sure.  Rami saw crap on the side of the road.  So we kept on driving as I watched it disappear in the side rear view mirror.

This morning Rami took J to school. He came back while I was washing the dishes in the kitchen.  “Where do you want this?” he asked.  “Want what?” I thought maybe the teacher had given him a take home project for me to complete. As I approached the front door, he revealed the chair.  It was more disgusting than I imagined and the legs were bent. My face lit up and a huge smile crossed my face. My husband thought I was insane. I thought he was the sweetest, most wonderful thing in the world. 

Keep your diamonds and fancy gadgets, junk makes me happy. It’s the little things ya’ll. He knows I love to redo found items and try to make them my own.  He knows I love to create and spray paint.  Just imaging him getting down and hauling that filthy chair off the side of the road makes my heart sing.

I love my husband. I do. I used to think he wasn’t very romantic, but when I think about all the little things he does, I realize its not about roses and candlelight. It’s stopping on the side of the freeway to pick fruit I’m craving while pregnant, its remembering to put ketchup, not mustard, on my hot dog, or allowing me to indulge in a project that he thinks is ridiculous.

Let’s hear it for the boys. Our men. Our husbands, fathers, or brothers. For all the sweet things they do for us to make us smile.

I’m off to scrub down my new chair…


  • Humaira says:

    Now that’s real love!

  • Awwww… that is so sweet, mashaAllah! 🙂

    They really are the little things that count! Jazakallahu Khair for sharing this! 🙂 May Allah bless your marriage with more such sweet moments!

  • Alejandra says:

    That’s really sweet!!!

    For me it’s chocolate. Anytime hubby brings me a chocolate bar for no reason it makes my heart stop.

  • If says:

    Aaaahhh thats so sweet, I can just imagine that it will be unrecognisable by the time you have finished with it, I look forward to reading the post that says I turned this fithy piece of junk in to a beautiful piece of furniture.

  • Mona says:

    Cool, I can’t wait to see the make over!

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