Maternity Leave

I need maternity leave from motherhood.

I’m tired. I don’t know how much more I can take. Three kids, a husband, a home (which I feel like I have to maintain according to unrealistic Arab standards), homeschooling, two blogs, pregnancy… Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to God.

I’m so, so grateful as each thing is a remarkable blessing. But I’m tired. I’m only one person. I know thousands of women have similar responsibilities, if not more.

But I’m me living my life, and I just can’t seem to figure out how to do this correctly.

Perhaps it’s pregnancy emotions talking. Perhaps I’m sharing too much. I hear “you’re supermom” way more than I deserve to. I do not have it all. I do not have everything together. I can’t cook/make/decorate as seen on Pinterest.

I’m just an average mom trying to get through each day. Trying to maintain my own identity outside of being a mom while being everything i need to be for my family. Trying to do my best. But dammit, I’m tired.

For my family and foremost for the sake of God, I push forward.

Hugs to the mamas struggling through each day. Major high fives to the mamas that got it all together.

That is all…



  • Helen says:

    Thank you for such unflinching honesty. As a mother of six, I truly thank you. Everywhere I turn, mothers appear to have it all together, and it can be such a downer. I admire your culture, but wonder how you can adhere to so many rules, especially for women. I wish you a brighter and lighter day tomorrow.

  • fatema says:

    thank you for that honesty. i’ve always looked up to you even before i became a mom. now, with two kids i admire you even more.

  • Shannen says:

    Assalam alaykum, sometimes just saying you’re tired and others joining in to agree feels good. I’m here to tell you I’m right there with you! Motherhood is HARD. much harder than we think before we start down this road. It’s indescribable in its joy and hardship. Blessings to you. In sha Allah you find ease.

  • fayrouz says:

    It’s pregnancy, i had same feelings especially approaching deliivery. So, u r a strong mama, and cteative mashallah 🙂 keep on, it ll be fine isA

  • Nice post and i know that every pregnant women wants maternity leave and its necessary thanks for the post.

  • Colleen - Om Amna & Salih says:

    Ahhh, after finding this blog by chance – by Allah, subhanalah, and then reading this…there is another sister out there like me!!!! Well I have it easier, I have less kids and a loving maid, but still…if you could see me at this very moment after the day we had – that phrase could be used every day lol I look like I feel…I don’t even know how to describe it and definatly cant within the time I have before the pasta finishes. Just know you aren’t alone my beautiful, talented sister in Islam, we are around the world, feeling similar and praying for each other to enjoy the next day a bit more. Best wishes from me in UAE!

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