Colours of My Life  Photo Challenge Day 20 – A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel.



I want to bring home a freight container filled with tile. I want to eat every meal from a tagine. I want to get lost in the souks. Well not, really lost because that would be scary.  I want to take 1 million pictures and print every one.  I want to adopt an eldery Moroccan man and take him as my grandfather. I want to pray in the Hassan II mosque.  I want to ride a camel on the dunes of the Sahara desert.  I want to visit Peacock Pavillions.  I want to drink mint tea while watching the sunset on the Atlantic. I just want to go!


  • Elisa says:

    Assalaam alaykum! I am so happy you got to go on such an amazing journey! Morocco really is a magical place. My husband will be going back this summer and I am so sad I won't be able to go with him. School obligations. Ugh. LoL
    Hope you get to make a visit soon enough 🙂

  • Iman says:

    One of these days!

  • Amnah says:

    @Elisa, I still have not gone!! Those are just all the things I hope to do, Inshallah.

    @Iman, me and you?

  • jazzy says:

    I hope that one day you get to go. Me and my husband went there a few years ago on our honeymoon cruise to western Europe, which surprise for us included Morocco. We were so happy walking through the souks and having people see me wearing my hijnab and walk up to us and speak Arabic (or their version of Arabic), we had no clue what they were saying because of the dialect, but something about that made us feel comfortable.
    Insha' Allah one day soon you will get to go.

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