Now’s the time

So here are my health resolutions.  Yeah, in March.  Resolutions in January are overrated. 

  • Drink water.  I don’t even drink any unless there is nothing else to drink. H20 is now going to be my beverage of choice.
  • If it doesn’t taste fabulous, don’t swallow.  Sounds kind of eating-disorderish but, if it’s not worth it, then well, it’s not worth it. 
  • Walk everyday. At least one hour. Everyday. Rain or shine. Everyday. If the weather is super bad, I’ll take it to the treadmill. 
  • Absolutely no eating 3 hours before bedtime. So since I’m also going to try to start sleeping at 10:30, that means my meal cut off time is 7:30.  Even if I’m going to a ‘3asha or wedding.  Well maybe not a wedding, but you know what I’m saying.  To really try to make this work, I’ll brush my teeth at 7:30 instead of just before I go to bed. 
  • I must have 3 solid meals a day.  I usually always eat breakfast then graze all day until dinner. No more! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  This will cut down on my snacking and hopefully help me get all the nutrition I need each day.
  • Speaking of snacking.  I’m done with mindless snacking. If I’m really hungry I’ll eat something real. If I’m just bored I’ll chew on gum.  (Thanks Biggest Loser for that tip.)
  • I must strength train. I must strength train. I must strength train.

So why am I posting this and not just keeping it to myself? Well, duh! You guys are my sisters and are going to keep me in check, right? I want to be able to answer to someone if anyone calls me on any of these things. Let’s face it, we have some health issues in our family and I don’t want to be taking any medications for any diseases I could have prevented.
And of course there’s always the fact that I want to be smokin’ hot!


  • Affnan says:

    HAHAHHAHAH FINALLY U MADE A MISTAKE Now I get to call you on it. LOL It's ME NOT MY!!!

  • iman says:

    I have no idea what Affnan is talking about, but anyway on with my comment.
    The three hour before bedtime has helped me A LOT!
    If I know I'm going to be eating late (wedding)I make sure I wait 3 hours before going to bed. Don't put too many restrictions on yourself or you wont follow through with all your spring resolutions.
    Also taking no less than 20 minutes to eat, those nutritionist are right, you end up eating less and but still feel full and satisfied.
    Okay thats it for now I'll save it for another post, I mean comment or I'll just call and talk to you.

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