Maternity Leave

I need maternity leave from motherhood.

I’m tired. I don’t know how much more I can take. Three kids, a husband, a home (which I feel like I have to maintain according to unrealistic Arab standards), homeschooling, two blogs, pregnancy… Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to God.

I’m so, so grateful as each thing is a remarkable blessing. But I’m tired. I’m only one person. I know thousands of women have similar responsibilities, if not more.

But I’m me living my life, and I just can’t seem to figure out how to do this correctly.

Perhaps it’s pregnancy emotions talking. Perhaps I’m sharing too much. I hear “you’re supermom” way more than I deserve to. I do not have it all. I do not have everything together. I can’t cook/make/decorate as seen on Pinterest.

I’m just an average mom trying to get through each day. Trying to maintain my own identity outside of being a mom while being everything i need to be for my family. Trying to do my best. But dammit, I’m tired.

For my family and foremost for the sake of God, I push forward.

Hugs to the mamas struggling through each day. Major high fives to the mamas that got it all together.

That is all…


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Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement

A New Chapter

Life has been good lately. Far, far from perfect, but it’s been good. What more can a mama ask for? The kids still fight, I “forget” to fold my laundry on a regular basis, and nine years later, my husband and I still argue over silly things like fixing the throw pillows on the couch every night.  But my girls are healthy, my house is receiving tons of beautiful makeovers, and the hubs is doing really well at work. Like I said, life is good. Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to God. As for me, well, I’ve had a little project in the works for a few months now. It’s been an exciting one that I’m ready to share with … Continue reading

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No Longer a Baby

Tonight after J’s bath, we came out of the bathroom and announced to Rami, “guess what?!? We have big, big news!” Being a father of 3 daughters, he had an idea of the series of events that would eventually take place, but he seemed slightly horrified by our “early” announcement. Jenin has her first loose tooth!! (The look of relief in Rami’s face was priceless.) She had been hoping and begging and questioning when her first tooth would fall out. She was so excited that she finally had a loose tooth she actually cried tears of joy! All night she wiggled and wiggled. I told her it would take a few days before it fell out. As her mom, I … Continue reading

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20 Paper Lantern Makeover Hacks

Over at Disney Baby

Come over and check out what I’ve been working on over at DisneyBaby. 20 Simple and Awesome Paper Lantern Hacks and Re-Designs 11 Delightful and Festive DIY Cake Toppers 11 Affordable and Useful Baby Shower Crafts For Guests to Make 16 Awesome Map Decor Ideas For the Nursery 10 Delicious and Fun Birthday Cake Alternatives 11 Simple and Unique Paper Plate Birthday Party Backdrops Go ahead and Pin or share all the ideas you love.

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Moroccan Sidewalk

Here I Stand

It’s been a while. Actually it’s be a really long, long time. So long, I forgot my password to log in to my own blog. Not good. I’ve been away from home for a while. Actually, it was a really long, long time.  The girls and I took a trip to Palestine in an effort for us all to learn Arabic. The only reason this was possible was because I started homeschooling Jenin.  But you wouldn’t really know that because I don’t think I mentioned it here. Because remember, I haven’t blogged in months aka 36 blog years. I returned home the end of November, drained. Exhausted. Missing home desperately. Exhausted, did I say that already?  Once the jet lag … Continue reading

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Review and Giveaway: Waafia

A long time ago, I used to think Islamic art was tacky.  I’m taking about the gaudy gold frames with overly ornate gold designs surrounding the gold words of the Qur’an.  Sometimes there was sequins involved. Lots of it. In horrible colors. The whole thing would just be a mess. If Islamic art looked like this for adults, I knew it would be hopeless to find something suitable for children. I barely found items for myself. I even resorted to making my own using decals and scrapbook paper. For the life of me, I can’t remember how I stumbled across Waafia on Etsy many years ago.  All I know, is that it’s been happily ever after since then.  I instantly … Continue reading

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Lantern Court Eid Garden Flag

Giveaway: Lantern Court

Still in the market for Eid decorations? Then check out Lantern Court for party supplies to make this Eid a festive one! Order soon to get them in time for Eid! This adorable garden flag is a great way for announcing Eid. Your guests will love the warm Eid welcome and look forward to the fun decorations you have inside your home. I would really make this garden banner work for me by also using it inside my home. It would make a lovely backdrop for a Eid dinner/dessert table.  Use the colors as inspiration to decorate your home for the Eid. You can even hang it on your front door.  Use it as you like! Best of all, it’s … Continue reading

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Noor Kids Children's Muslim Books

Review and Giveaway: Noor Kids

Growing up I remember saving up my money for a Highlights subscription. If you’re unfamiliar with Highlights, it’s a children’s magazine that features stories, games, crafts, recipes, puzzles, and loads of other fun things. I remember the anticipation I felt each month awaiting the arrival of the magazine. Once I had it in my hands, I would immerse myself in it for hours. Each day I would soak up everything between the covers until the next issue arrived and I memorized it from beginning to end. All those years ago, I remember wishing that there was something that represented Islam inside. It covered Christmas and Hanukkah crafts, but never Ramadan and Eid. There was a section where reader submitted art … Continue reading

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Giveaway: The Olive Tree Soap Company

I’m a sucker for sentimental items and great packaging.  I found The Olive Tree Soap Company through Facebook and was instantly drawn for two reasons,  reading “olive tree soap” reminded me of my dear, late grandmother and the packaging is gorgeous! Though I haven’t had the chance to personally review the products myself, I am pleased to offer them here to my readers as an amazing prize for the Eid Extravaganza Giveaway! So here to speak on her company’s behalf is Sobia Hussain. ———————- I am the owner and artisan behind The Olive Tree Soap Company.  All of my products are handcrafted by me.  My collection of products include luxury soaps, natural deodorants, lotion sticks, lip balms, organic argan oil … Continue reading

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Eid Creations Eid Mubarak

Review and Giveaway: Eid Creations

Do you decorate for Eid? If not, you should. Seriously. Eid must be celebrated and there are no proper celebrations with out festive decorations. There are so many wonderful companies out there offering awesome Eid party supplies and decorations, that you simply have no excuse for not decorating. One company that I’ve worked with before and am pleased to work with again is Eid Creations.  Since working with them, they’ve expanded their product line which is good news for everyone involved. I had the opportunity to test out the new Eid paper lantern set.  I really liked the mix of patterns and colors.  The different sizes made the set look more visually interesting.  The itty bitty paper lanterns were super … Continue reading

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