Homey Favorites

During my trip to Hajj, I found this beautiful tapestry.  It’s been one of my favorite pieces in my house since I’ve gotten married.  I actually bought it specifically for my home while I was in Mecca.  Mind you, I wasn’t even engaged or looking to be married at the time. I just knew I loved it and had to have it.  The colors are so me.  I love using blues and greens.

My girls pulled a bit too tightly one day on it and brought it down from the wall where it’s been hanging since we moved into this home four years ago.  Once I get my hands on a power drill (Hey Baba, when are you coming over?), I plan on moving it to the living room above the fire place.  It’s always fun to switch things around.

What’s your single favorite piece in your home?

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  • If says:

    I love the browns nice purchase, and i never realised you had been on hajj you really are so lucky, i pray that i get to go soon.

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