Ramadan and Eid Decoration Company Round-Up

Recently I’ve had quite a few people ask me about where I’ve gotten my Ramadan and/or Eid decorations.  I decided to make it easy for everyone and share them all in one place. You’re welcome 😛

Just a few years ago Ramadan or Eid decorations and party supplies were nearly impossible to find. Many of us resorted to using Christmas decorations or creating our own (which I still enjoy to do). All of these wonderful companies offer such a great service to us all.  One of the things I stressed in my Ramadan webinar was the importance of making Ramadan and Eid festive and exciting for our children and families.  Thanks to the following companies, we can all make our houses radiate with joy and create fun memories.

Ramadan and Eid Decorations



Salaam Designs

salaam designs

Eid Creations

eid creations

Lantern Court

lantern court

Silver Envelope

silver envelopeEid Way


Simply Impressions

simply impressions

All photos courtesy of each respective company.

My personal reviews:


modernEid decorations modernEid

modern eid decorations

 Eid Creations

eid creations party supplies



  • Debora says:

    Mashallah what a nice round up! Jazaki Allah Khair! The last photo is yours correct? Could you tell me where you got that fabric for the backdrop from? It’s beautiful Mashallah. Ramadan Mubarak!

  • Zay says:

    Salam, i’m from Australia was browsing eid decorations online, here in melbourne we have great eid products as well. CHECK OUT Manell Msdesigns on facebook, or follow on instagram at msdesigncollections. Her email is msdesign2013@yahoo.com.au. It is a beautiful vibrant collection of eid banners, buntings, greeting cards, foil balloons, latex balloons, plastic lolly bags and printed ribbon. Ramadan Mubarak! jk

  • Sanaa says:

    Jazaki Allah koulou khair. Thank you so much for this great resources . I was always looking for websites to shop Eid/Ramadan decorations and papers goods. Thank you again and Happy Ramadan.

  • Sameha says:

    I am living in Egypt, how can I get those terrific banners?

    • Amnah says:

      Salaams, Some of the companies offer international shipping. Check their websites for the appropriate information. Good luck!

  • Hanna Taleb says:

    Hi do you still have eid decorations for sale

  • Nur Dina Aisyah says:

    Assalamualaikum, I’m from Malaysia.. where can i get this?

  • Ansam says:

    you’re Creative !
    anybody told you that ? 😀

  • you might one to check out mudlimtoydanddolls.com and do not let th name fool you.they have over 300 haj,Ramadan,and the two eids decorations and products from the world over and is charity site and helps muslims the world over so you will b getting grea gifts and helping others.write this down in your calendar for eid al adha.

  • InMyBibisKitchen says:

    Amnah, Your website is amazing I absolutely love your photography and neat ideas. Makes me feel slightly overwhelmed, as there is so much out there I had not even known about. I remember when I was young my mom used to put up the same gold shimmery ribbons and clear lights every Ramadan to get me and my sibblings excited for the Holiday. Looking back it warms my heart because honestly my mom was pretty new to this country and culture, yet I am impressed that she had the insight to realize the significance of using the few resources available to try to make special memories for us during these Islamic holidays. What your doing for your girls is honestly so amazing, one day they will look back and feel the gratitude I feel now. Thank you for sharing these great ideas 🙂

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