Ramadan Bucket List

While flipping through a magazine many years back, I came across an article of a family celebrating Christmas and their home decorations.  There was an image of drawstring bags attached to thin rope strung around the dining table.  It hit me that I should do that for Ramadan.  I had the intention to create a drawstring bag advent calendar for Jenin. I had all the materials and supplies but never got around to it.

Every year Ramadan would come and go and I still had never created any advent calendar of sorts. This year, I’m not necessarily giving up on the dream, but I’m making it a bit easier on myself so I can stop being so hard on myself for never achieving that goal.  This year, I went with a bucket list.  Not even 30 items. I wasn’t trying to overdo it and wear myself out.  Just a reasonable amount of reasonable tasks. Surely another tradition I wish to continue.

Ramadan Bucket List 2


On our list:

  1. Moonsighting
  2. Suhoor cinnamon rolls
  3. Bake Ramadan cookies
  4. Create a Ramadan craft with friends
  5. Invite a family over for Iftar
  6. Visit a family for Iftar
  7. Memorize a new Surah
  8. Create a paper mache masjid
  9. Pray taraweeh
  10. Feed the poor
  11. Thankful mobile
  12. Memorize a new hadeeth
  13. Stargazing with hot chocolate
  14. Attend Jummah
  15. Memorize a new du’a
  16. Help during a community Iftar
  17. Donate to a charity
  18. Wrap Eid gifts
  19. Bake Eid cookies
  20. Eid morning cinnamon rolls

If I knew anything about creating printables, I would have created one and shared it here with you all.  I simply typed this up in Word and printed it on patterned printer paper.

What’s on your Ramadan bucket list?


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