Review and Giveaway: Waafia

A long time ago, I used to think Islamic art was tacky.  I’m taking about the gaudy gold frames with overly ornate gold designs surrounding the gold words of the Qur’an.  Sometimes there was sequins involved. Lots of it. In horrible colors. The whole thing would just be a mess.

If Islamic art looked like this for adults, I knew it would be hopeless to find something suitable for children. I barely found items for myself. I even resorted to making my own using decals and scrapbook paper.

For the life of me, I can’t remember how I stumbled across Waafia on Etsy many years ago.  All I know, is that it’s been happily ever after since then.  I instantly fell head over heels in love with all the art prints displayed in her shop!  Back then, it was pretty much just limited to Arabic alphabet prints.  I ordered one.  My very first ever purchase from Etsy.  True love, I tell you.

Waafia Ayat Kursi Print

Since then, Waafia has expanded to include so many more gorgeous prints. It’s so hard to control myself from purchasing them all. Though I absolutely love her work,  turning my daughters’ room into a Waafia showroom, might be overkill.  Since I can’t order them all for myself, I’ve started giving them as gifts.  The “Dearest Mother” print was gifted to Tina in Texas for the Pay it Forward challenge I participated in.

I love everything about Waafia’s Islamic art prints for children. The colors are fresh, the graphics are modern, the chosen verses and hadeeth are just right for little Muslim hearts. The quality is top notch.  I love the thickness of the paper and the bold and bright colors. Seriously, it’s so hard not to want to buy them all.

If you follow Waafia on Facebook, you’ll find so much wonderful style inspiration. I loooooved the Ramadan decorations in her home!  Perfectly on point. So inspired for next year. Be sure to check out the free downloadable Ramadan and Eid place mats. I think they would even make cute wall decorations.

So my dear readers, I’m here to bring you what I love.  Waafia has set up an *ah-mazing* giveaway package for one super, duper lucky winner, including brand new items debuting here on Little Life of Mine!








Introducing the brand new custom designed fabric tote bags! Aren’t the beautiful!? I can’t wait until these are available for purchase!



Another option include the Arabic alphabet in a girly or boyish color scheme.  I’m totally loving the blues and greens for myself 😉



The giveaway package includes: 1  Playful Arabic Alphabet, 1  Playroom Rules 1, Coolness of the Eyes, 1 Heaven lies under the feet of your mother, 1  Hijaabi Mirror, 1 Set of 6 Eid Cards, 1  Kids tote with my custom-designed Fabric (your choice of boy or girl colorway, in Arabic Alphabet print or Student of Knowledge print).

Using the Rafflecopter form below, enter to win the awesome prize pack listed above. Available to US residents only. Please note this giveaway ends after the Eid. But trust me, it’s well worth the wait.
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  • UmmZayd says:

    I love the Arabic alphabet poster. I’m currently trying to teach my son his letters and I think that would not only look cute but be helpful in reinforcing what he learns with me throughout the day.

  • Cece Zaou says:

    I like all of the items; so nice!

  • Eman says:

    I love them all, but playroom rules , dearest mother prints and the tot bags are my favourite..

  • Farah says:

    I’ve been eying her stuff for a whil now. It’s all so beautiful ma!!

  • Saadia says:

    Amazing stuff…!Love the colors and style,so modern and beautiful.

  • khadijah says: come i never knew about this awesome shop??! never too late i guess!:) and i absolutely adore the ‘sufficient for us is Allah…” print (My favorite verse!)

  • Robyn says:

    Love all this art, but I especially love the Ayatul-kursi-girl-colorway print.

  • Nora says:

    Awesome! ! Another great place to buy some amazing things for everyone! !

  • Mimi says:

    I love the suffiicient for us is God print!

  • Maha says:

    I also have one of the first alphabet posters, a gift from my mom. I love the expanded collection-I’ll definitely be ordering some! The Heaven Lies under the feet of the mother is lovely.

  • Fadwa says:

    These are really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  • rema shuman says:

    Beautiful mashallah.

  • Hina khan says:

    Amazing stuff Masha Allah! Job well done 🙂

  • Eva says:

    I love the coolness of your eyes one…so bright and cheery! i actually just purchased it a week ago from finding her etsy page from your blog. but I would love to win everything else and give the extra as a gift!!

  • Jessica says:

    The Sleep and Wake Prayer Print!

  • Hina says:

    Sufficient for us is God!

  • Ghazala says:

    The Arabic alphabet poster would be an ideal form of Arabic art in every Muslim household!!! Let mine be one of them:)

  • Maryam Sami says:

    Asa, Bismillah, love love Waafia! Would love to win the aqua purple arabic alphabet poster. Jazakallah khair!

  • Bahija says:

    They have some really cool products. I love that there is now Islamic art that is also so hip and cool. We have some traditional Moroccan pieces – but these offer a fresh and new look at Islamic art!

  • Gihad says:

    Awesome prints, MashAllah, I love the playroom rules. Actually all her prints are unique and colorful.

  • Sarah says:

    I love the You are Beautiful…print,Masha Allah.

  • Mona says:

    The playroom rules poster is a great reminder for kids :).

  • Kendra says:

    For sure, the one thing that caught my eye, was the playroom rules. It is perfect. Their etsy shop is full of a lot of wonderful idea’s too. I am pretty sure I will pick up the popsicle birth poster for when the one in my belly decides it is time to come out, isA on time in January! May Allah bless you for these giveaway’s and idea’s you give us, masha’Allah. Ameen.

  • Laila says:

    I LOVE the Dearest Mother print, mashaAllah!

  • Sama says:

    Great prints ^_^

  • Keisha Francis says:

    Love Heaven Lies under the feet of your Mother!

  • Amali Elabed says:

    SubhanAllah I stumbled on her work on a Ramadan activity group via FB but didn’t realize she has an etsy or FB fan page!! So in love with all her work! mashallah!

  • amber bhatti says:

    Absolutely love all the items, mashaaAllah! However, I must say the Arabic alphabet poster! So happy that I’ve been introduced to your page!

  • Saba says:

    Ayatul Kursi is beautiful 🙂

  • Johanna says:

    mashaAllah that sister is so talented!!

  • shazia says:

    حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل

  • Madz says:

    I really like the Arabic numbers, so unique and different. I’m also really loving the arabic alphabet prints which have the letters in circles. Such beautiful items MashAllah!

  • mashallah so cute and eye catching!! i want them all!

  • Nura says:

    I agree with you Amnah, I would love to have almost every one of Waafia’s pieces!! They are all so adorable and statement pieces for any room 🙂

  • Fatema says:

    Love the playroom rules print.

  • Caitlin says:

    طالبة العلم – أحب ذلك

    All these things are just beautiful!

  • Hannah says:

    Everything is so beautiful! I love the ayat al kursi poster! My daughter is at the age of starting to want to learn so I would love to get her some stuff to create a learning center 🙂

  • Ebby's Mama says:

    I loooove the Hijabi Mirror! I have one in my diaper bag. My next would be the arabic alphabet prints 🙂

  • I have one of those chunky gold Islamic art frames complete with the gold design and letters. Thanks for introducing me to Waafia’s lovely designs!

  • Hey! Salaam!
    I randomly stumbled accross your page and think it’s great, mashallah!
    I’m totally with you about the lack of fun, modern Islamc art adn that’s why I started myown business selling the stuff!
    If you love Waafia (one of our stockists), you will ADORE my other products. Please, please, please do check us out and get in touch. WOuld love to send you some freebies to review .
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Inspire Me Art

  • Robyn says:

    Sister, hope you are doing well. Haven’t seen a post from you in several months.

  • Ferial says:

    Assalaaamu alaikum Amnah
    Jazak Allahu Khair, wonderful post. Can’t seem to link to Waafia on etsy. How can I purchase items?

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