See it here first OR Never say never


Here it is:


Yup, that’s a cheeseburger in those lil chubby fingers. Fingers that are probably going to get a lot chubbier. JJ’s first hamburger. And you know what? She LOVED it. Of course she would. And she’s going to love watching TV and want every single character to be used in the decorating of her room.

She put the hat on herself. Another crazy first. This kid HATES having anything on her head.


By the way, how awesome is this shot? I was holding the camera out in front of us. I’m so good it scares me.


  • Affnan says:

    OH LORD!!! First you said I am never going to marry a FOB!!! Then you said that my kids will never eat JUNK FOOD!!! in that case i will never marry a cute rich guy!!! BUT habibty she is sooooooooooooooooo cute… LOL so thats what Rami would look like if he worked at in-in-out… You should show this pictuer to Kiwi She would get a KICK out of it.

  • Affnan says:

    SRY SRY SRY But I have to say this
    "Don't bother me im eating."

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